Hmmm.  I can't seem to get warm today...or tonight.
This is not a good sign.
I think I need to go take a hot shower.

I just realized that I have not left my house in 3 days. 
That's pretty crazy actually.
I have been working as usual.
This weekend Steve's mom is/was/is here
...his birthday was on Monday
...major homework day yesterday
...redo major homework today
tonight...I am frozen.

So. I have been debating talking about this.
But it happened a couple weeks ago and well...it is what it is.
My hubby lost his job.
With a company that he loved working for for 13 years.
I worked for them as well before I had Peyton.
We both loved working for them. 
We were a golf couple...he is all about golf...and he is good at what he does.
He was a golf course manager...an extremely hard working one.
To put it mildly...we did not see it coming.
It sucks.
People keep saying it will be a good thing in the long run.
I will revisit that when the long run runs out and we are back on track.
At the moment.  
It sucks.
Truthfully...the job was impossible.
It really was.
He did sooo much good there...he basically lived there...breathed it.
The members loved him.  
Everyone always likes him.
He would come home at 8 or 9 at night...
to emails and calls from people needing more and more from him.
He would then work until 1 am.
Every single night.
He never complained.
So yes...it probably is a good thing in the long run.

Right now...it sucks.
'nuff said.

Anyways. I don't actually like to spread downer news.
But you never know who knows someone that knows someone and well...basically, he is looking for a job and we will move if we need to.
I can do my work from anywhere.
In the mean time.  We will be fine.
Things WILL work out.

I do need help with my work...but uh ya...not from this golfy dude:)
Ok. So there.  That's what's going on over here.
I am officially the bread winner for the time being...and I hate it. HA.
But...I don't hate working...I love what I do.
Here are a couple new items that I sent out today.

Yup...that is a cupcake on the back of a turtle...so what;)
What does one wear to be in the front row of a Selena Gomez concert?

I had more photos to upload...I found some oldies from years and years ago when I first started that I thought you would find entertaining and guess what?  
I ran out of storage space for my blog.  
I just had to purchase more space. 
Apparently it can take up to a day to have access to that space.  
Well that is just wonderbar.  
See...things are already starting to look up.

Off to my warm shower:)


TKJT said...

I love that triple threat!!

I will keep you in my prayers! I went through this when my third was 6 days old and I was supposed to quit my job to be a SAHM. My DH ended up (2 months later) getting a job that was better and now makes double what he used to. At the time it SUCKED...big time :(

Lil said...

I am so sorry s:( I agree that it sucks and maybe why your so cold is b/c your nerves are on edge.

I will be thinking of you and keeping your family in my thoughts.

Sending you some warm sunshine...

Charity said...

So sorry to hear about your husband's job. :( We have been there and done that and you are right....it pretty much sucks. Hoping he finds something else soon....something better for him and all of you! HUGS!

Vivian said...

I know what you are going through! But you need to know you are not alone and have the support of others (even the one's who don't know you)
You stuff is so cute! I need to get going ordering for my girls soon!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand where you are coming from :( I am sure there are great things on the horizon for him! I am playing sahm today...day 4 of fever/cough/hurl girl.
Hey, that might look cute on a tee?! Ha!
Thinking of you, friend...
xxoo Robin

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I'm so sorry your hubby lost his job, Cristy!

I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers, and hope that something perfect comes along soon!

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about your DH :( Hopefully something bigger and better will come along (that won't require so much of his time!)
And by the way I think that owl design is my absolute favorite one EVER! Love it!

Anonymous said...

So sorry Cristy, we have been there, too. I can honestly say that although it was one of the most stressful times in our lives... it was also one of our favorite times because my hubby was at home with us every day, playing, flying kites, eating lunch with us.. We did everything on a whim. Of course, I am glad it is behind us but I can honestly say we also made the very most of our time together. My girls would probably would say it was their favorite time ever. They look back at it with fond memories. I hope something comes along real soon.

Jeni Michele said...

sending you lots of hugs and the strength to pull through!!!

Anonymous said...

Cristy, I posted a note a few days ago offering encouragement about the job situation and guess what.. my hubby lost his job this week. Strange timing really...totally unexpected as well. I guess we are in the same boat. Bummer... let's hope both of our families find there way very soon.