Happy Valentines day...blah blah blah

So I haven't blogged in a couple days.
Not sure why. 
So let me find some fun things to share.
First...check out these pillows I sent to Lyndsie today.
Terrible terrible photo...I have no idea what the heck I did...but they were shipped off before I downloaded the photos and realized that I messed something up.
But I wanted to show you a different example of what you can do with the pillows.
The pillows that I need to restock.
If you would like a certain color of pillow, let me know.
I would be happy to make one in any color you need. 

Then check out this tee for Tiffany.
I love it.
I love all the kapow tees actually.
Or for boys.
Because I finally figured out a good way for your little dude rockstars
to sport some bling.
Ok...this could be one of those all over the map posts.
I have a headache right behind my eyes.
I also have a pinched nerve in my arm...and it SUCKS.
No amount of advil is taking care of it.
I can't sleep because I like to sleep on my tummy and my arm is not cooperating.
Did I mention it sucked.
Oh and it is my "blinging" arm.  Niiiice.
Ok.  No more complaining. I will take a couple tylenol to go with my advil and that should take care of it no?  If you have a secret concoction...let me know.

So...let's look at purdy things.
Now, bare with me. I am a child of the 70's.
And I love the 70's style.
I am seeing it's influence all over the place these days.
I swear..if my butt would fit into these...I would wear this entire outfit as is.
and this jacket
It could very well be my favorite jacket ever.
It is green.  I love green.
Green is my favorite color...the brighter the better.
This looks buttery soft and I swear I would have this until I was 90 years old.
Can't you picture it.  A 90 year old grandma wearing this!
Yup.  That would be me.
Hello!  It has a detachable hood.
I know.  I am crazy.  That's what makes the world go around.
Here is my jacket.

This one is a very close second.
But it isn't green.
I remember when I was in 7th grade. I had a bright green
suede jacket that literally said "green" on the back of it.
I have no idea why it said that...but I loved that jacket.
This one is almost as good.
 Ahhh.  Ok.  Enough of my wish list.
I hope everyone had a good Valentine's today.
Personally...I don't enjoy Valentine's much.
I did think our heart shaped pizza from papa johns was cute though:)
So were the chocolate covered strawberries that my mom and dad brought over.
Other than that.  Whatever.
But here is one of my little heart breakers...showing her latest football moves.
No idea where this is coming from...but she is turning into quite the little athlete.
So did not see that coming.  It is a good thing though otherwise it would be a total
waste of height!

This was not her Valentine's outfit.
Nope.  She got all duded up today and asked me to curl her hair.
She looked pretty cute.
Not sure her valentine's turned out exactly how she had planned.
I kinda have to piece things together to get the real story.
She won class president for the second year in a row.
I love that she wants to be president (and wins) every year. 
The kid has "it".  

She did come home with a box of chocolates though.
Not from the boy she likes...but from the boy that likes her.
I was proud of her that she took them from him.
I had a boy in 2nd grade offer me earrings for valentines day.
I said no.
He cried. His mom told on me...my teacher told my mom.
I was forced to take them.
I felt badly about that 20 years later...for not just accepting them at first.
For breaking his little heart.
So today...she just took the chocolates.
His handmade note said," I am giving you these to tell you how much I like you if you don't like me.  I like you because you are the only one nice to me."
How sad is that:(  I wanted to cry for him.
But I was very proud of my "president". 
She is awesome.
I am lucky to be her mom.

And the boy the she likes...he likes her...he wants her to text him.
She said no:)
So far...I am doing something right.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

You are raising some good girls, Cristy! Green lover, huh? Want one of my Grass is Always Greener rings? Email me - I'll send you one. And re-name it the Cristy ring. ;) I'm naming all of my rings after friends and customers from now on.

Happy heart day!

Amy{thosefunnylittlegirls} said...

Try Aleve. That is what my doctor recommends :) Love the pillows.