Fun friday?

Not at my house.
Currently my couch has been hijacked by this little person.
Just a fever.  
A big bad stubborn fever.
We started barking like a seal a couple days ago out of the blue.
Now this.
The school nurse tells me that you either get the bark/fever...or the puke/fever.
I will take the bark version.

Speaking of bark:)
This morning on my facebook feed I saw this.
Which linked to this.
Which I then could not find again when I needed it...but then I found it here.
But no worries.
30 minutes later and I had this.

I don't even wanna eat it.
I just want to look at a bowl of it.
Sprinkles are like sparkles to me.
Edible sparkles:)
Because together they all just remind me of rainbows.
You cannot find me one person that does not look at this bark and think, "cute!"
I think this tee would be quite appropriate don't you?
I have to make another batch of the bark for my mom to take to a pot luck tomorrow.
I kinda think it needs more cake batter in it.
The recipe called for only 1 tsp.
I am shooting for 3 with the second batch.
If I am going to put cake batter in my chocolate I wanna be able to taste it.
Thank you Jessica with How Sweet Eats for this simply adorable recipe.
I think it could be taylored to ever single Holiday (think red/green sprinkles at xmas!)
and voila...it is now my go to treat!

Alright. I have some tees to press...and I want to share them with you...
so I will be back in a little bit with more pictures.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Hope she feels better soon!!

Vivian said...

I am sooo GLAD I found you website! You have the CUTEST stuff! Can't wait for my girls..and me, of course!,to get some of your t-shirts!!!!
By the way hope she feels betters soon. I know what you are going through ;)

Natalie T. said...

I received our "rockstar" shirt just in time for the party! It's PERFECT!!! I hope your DD feels better soon! And thanks for posting...I think I'll make this treat for tomorrow's party! ;)