You got an idea I can do it...

I had to do a tank for a little girl today to wear to her big brothers Bar Mitzvah. Turned out pretty cute I think.

Lots of people these days are ordering multiple pieces to be interchangeable. Thats a great idea because the little girls like the bling and they can mix and match them however they please. This Sammi set is for Beth who owns Cutest Baby Clothes...she has a fabulous selection of clothes on there.


Ok so heres the thing...

This week has been so full of copycats it is crazy...CRAZY. The other day I was totally appalled when I was reading C Jane and how women are taking her blog posts...and word for word posting them on THEIR sites as if they were the witty ones that wrote it. I cannot even wrap my mind around that. How can you do that and carry on as if it is ok? Poor C Jane (Courtney) I think it is driving her mad. It wasn't just one lady or just one post either. It was several people and several posts. That is sick.

So I was carrying on my day today as usual. A boutique had asked me about a certain product from a different vendor and so I was looking and googling and happened upon a site I have never heard of before. So I am browzing and ohmygod...I was stopped dead in my tracks. The photos posted explain what I found. These photos on this post are not my products, I am sure you can tell that(although those leggings sure the hell could be mine)...BUT...they certainly bare a strange resemblance to items I have been making for over 2 years now. Items that came out of my own head. Items that only I do. I am not claiming to have come up with the I heart such and such...or that Kindergarten does in deed rock...BUT...COME ON PEOPLE! I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. I have seen a couple kindergarten rocks things done in my rainbow of stones...they don't compare. But I draw the line at my leggings...that is my design...that is my font...those are my leggings. Like I have said, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone tried this...and I was ready...am ready because those leggings you see are trademarked. I own that design. I have emailed the woman who had the gall to make those and mentioned as such. Sigh. Why do women do this to other women. I am not going to compare this to C Janes issues...but I bet I feel as sick as she does.

Man that stinks doesn't it? I had this issue with another lady last year. A MAJOR lady. We had words...and trust me...I don't like words...but we had them. She tried to turn it around on me...but the truth is the truth and both she and I know who's design it was. Nuff said.

what is that thing???

This rather large dude was just sitting on my fence...and look how mad he is at me. That reminds me of one of my teachers who when she was irritated enough literally would puff out her neck and chest lol.

So my husband just called to inform me that the swine flu is now in Arizona...AND...it is at the elementary school in the neighborhood that his golf course is in. Great. Poor kids. I hope they get a handle on this stupid thing. Maybe they should just up summer break and call it a year. YIKES...joking...I am not prepared to have my children home full time yet...please...I need the next 3 weeks of school.

Where have I been???

...uh nowhere lol. Sorry. I have been piled under a large amount of orders...all of which were needed by specifics dates. If I have orders that are needed by a certain day I cannot do anything else until I am assured those customers will get their orders. I tend to have a little OCD when it comes to that. Its ok. I used to not be able to go to bed if I had any orders pending. Ya. I got over that...when they started piling sky high. As it stands I still like to get the order complete within a day or two. I got a message the other day from a customer looking for her order. This has never happened to me before. In over 2 years this was my first total whoops...and I felt sooooo badly. I think what happened is her order came when my email went nuts and poof it went back into cyber land. I guess one order in 2 years is not that bad...but I did stay up very late that evening to make sure I had it shipped the next morning. Keri if you are reading this...I truly do apologize.

So where have I really been? Again...nowhere but in my home with a horrible sore throat and a touch of a headache. Can you say swine flu? Nah...just a cold. I managed to drag my very large behind around our neighborhood this morning for a jog/walk/jog. I take my ipod and run one song, walk the next, run the next etc. I used to be a bigtime runner. This was years ago. At the present I am so incredibly out of shape it is a crime. I do not remember the last time I was so out of shape. I am going to blame my hives on the horrible condition my body is in right now because seriously, to be able to get through my day without scratching my skin off I have to take 2 benedryl every 4 hours...every day...PLUS the other 15 pills I take. So the fact that I have only missplaced one order is actually pretty good. You try taking 8 benedryls a day and try functioning like a normal human.

Since blog posts are so boring without pictures...I will attached a couple custom orders I did this week. The soccer shirt was just supposed to say soccer...but I added the ball in as a surprise...hopefully they like it lol.


Cannot get enough of the gladiator...

Last summer I was so excited about the "gladiator" sandal. I love it. Its not for everyone I get that. But me...its for me. 9 years ago I was a golf pro (yes you read that correctly) and after I had my first child I decided to stay at home...haven't gone back since. My point is that 9 years of tromping through life in flip flops and barefeet make for rather large, flat feet. If I am forced to wear any sort of structured shoe now...it is not fun. So when gladiators came out I was thrilled because

A. it is a nicer version of flip flops
B. it is like jewelry for the footsies! Love that.

Last year I bought a pair of Sam Edelmans that I love love love...still love them

Tonight I was forced into Kohls (not a favorite place of mine) while my husband refilled his sock drawers...I coasted into the Simply Vera section and was quickly reminded that it is a pretty darn good section. Why I have it in my head that I hate Kohls I don't know. My favorite pair of "winter" shoes (keep in mind this is Phoenix) are a pare of Simply Vera Wang ballet shoes with a jewel. And my favorite "go-to" cardigan is also a Simply Vera. So...I need to just check myself I tell ya. So tonight I added to my favorites and found the Simply Vera Dyan gladiator and I am in love all over again. I got it in black...I will say it is even cuter in the bronze but I already have a bronze sandal and the black was rather rockstarish...I like that. So if you need a sandal, and you have a kohls nearby...go check them out, there may be even cuter ones that I did not see.

Another good option is the Libby Edelman's at Famous Footwear. Just like the Go International collections at Target these days...love those...the Libby Edelmans at Famous footwear are a fabulous deal...lots of good options. Look at this pretty gold one with the jewels...both of these shoes are way better in person too.

Now all you need is a funky nail polish and you are good to go. I hate to admit it...but my nail polish selection is leaning towards the neons these days...is that gross? Tell me if it is.


Not as cute as Rose but pretty darn close...

When I first saw Jane Jenni's absolutely brilliant melamine dishes and cups I flipped. It is stuff like this that I LOVE. Love. Kitchy cute and just fun to look at. I tell myself that I need to grow up. But I can't. I am attracted to things that just make me smile. I have not ordered any of these yet...but only because seriously...I cannot figure out what ones are my favorites. Once I start...I may not stop. I think the cupcake one is tops for me...but I also like HAPPY CAMPER...and OH DEER...but there is also a NUMB SKULL...ha...see what I mean...brilliant. Why these are not on tee shirts I have no idea. I would be first in line to wear them...I mean buy them for my kids to wear;)

can you say awwwwwwww....

how CUTE is little Rose??? Man I just want to squeeze her little cheeks. Seriously...she has a perfect little face.

These Kapow shirts go up to number 5 for both boys and girls. I am on my third printing of them yay! Gotta love that!


When Kaiya Eve Met Paperlili (in our backyard that is...)

Lookey Lookey A Couple of New Items...

So last friday I fried my computer somehow. It was funky. I didn't cry though, but I may when it dawns on me just how many saved emails I lost. Like LOTS. I had a folder of about 50-60 stores waiting to open accounts with me. And my email inbox went kaput. KAPUT. Now I know that the saved emails are somewhere on my computer because once you save something...it literally is saved forever somewhere...but it is like a treasure hunt finding them. Sigh.

My email is back up now...but it doesn't look the same...and I PRAY I did not lose any emails that were sent to me between last week and today...yikes. I'm nervous.

Anywhoo...I have three new styles that I did yesterday. Pretty cute (I think???). The options are white or black tanks or tees. If you hate one font and like another...let me know. I can do any font. OH...and you know that if there is a certain something that you would like on a shirt...I can probably do it. A couple weeks ago I did a piece of cheese. Yup...big ol pc of swiss cheese.

The Rose tank is on its way to my friend Lena's house. For her little Rose Bud. She doesn't know it yet. So we will see if she sees it on the blog before it gets to her doorstep lol.


Had to share...

For the past couple of years every once in awhile my children's persistent begging for funky nails gets me at the right moment and I will dive right in. I did say every once in awhile. Being that they are my children, any ol shade of pink just will not do. We need colors...lots of them...options...lots and lots of those. I kid you not, I have 6 shades of green nailpolish in my cabinet (ya...I know...who wears green? my kids wear green).

After a half an hour or so they balance away on their heels with their funky fingers held high in the air, as if the higher you hold them the quicker they will dry. I have managed to make hearts and lollipops and polkadots and whatever else my little blob of polish can be turned into...but...it was not until yesterday that my life just got a lot simpler.

Sally Hansen
to the rescue. I had to run into Walgreens yesterday and as I was breezing past the wall of polishes these little puppies caught my eye. And you know what...they are as good as they look. Sooooo easy. They work so well. My life as I know it has been changed. Thank you Sally.


Today I heart...wall eye candy!

I love genius ideas. Right after I kick myself in the shins for not coming up with the idea myself only to realize that I am not bright enough to come up with the idea myself...it is then that I truly can appreciate said item for just how wonderful it is. Then I try to figure out where in my life it belongs.

Todays item...wall art. I love the fact that you can toss it up there and remove it without any permanent damage to the wall. Brilliant. I posted before the cute deer from Wall Candy Arts. I do love those deer. But I also love the Paul Frank dots...then there are chandeliers and picture frames and I think my favorites...dress forms. I have not purchased ANY of them yet because truthfully I cannot make up my mind. So many options. So many colors to pick from. I want them all.


Pumpkins and Petunias

So I added a new store this week...Pumpkins and Petunias. Very cute store. And what did I do to thank them? I bought a shirt. Nice.

If you like "band tees" like I do...then you will be a big fan of Lola and James. They make kids clothes out of old concert tees...not old like last years Kenny Chesney tee...but like 1985's Prince tee. Fun! The problem though is finding the shirt or dress you want in the size you need because they literally are one of a kind. So. You need to be on your toes OR...you need to put in a special order. I did however find this Britney Spears tee at pumpkins and petunias in the correct size. Not sure how I feel about Britney actually...but she was cute back then lol. I am on the hunt for more. Tough Cookies which is another great shop that carries my goods in California has a good selection as well. Lola and James could be my new addiction. I kinda wish they made womens tees. Hmmmm...maybe they do and I have not discovered that yet. They also make cashmere tees...and fabulous boys tees. Trust me...the search is almost as fun as the purchase.

As I sit and scratch...

...so in case you were wondering...my hives are still here;) In case you were not wondering, or you were sick of hearing about them...or they make you itchy just listening to how itchy I am...sorry...but I'm itchy. I always think twice before telling people I have a hive issue...or posting about it. But then I think, well sometimes I need to explain why it is I cannot commit to something a week in advance and truly it is because there is a 85% chance that I will be so swollen somewhere that I would much prefer to hide out in my house. Sorry. But very true.

My other reason for talking about it is two fold. First, I am thinking that someone will tell me that they went through this and they have the magic cure. Maybe they will google "hives crazy woman" and find me and save me. Or...I just want people to know about it because apparently it is not that uncommon. 20% of the population will go through some sort of hive issue and voila...if I find a cure I will surely pass it on for you to file in your mental cabinet for future reference.

Oh...I have one more reason why I talk about it...because it makes me feel a tad better. Ha.

But yes I still have them. Come June I will have had them for a year. Nice. They were not that bad in the beginning. It took a few months of a strange patch of bumps for me to realize that this one not a mosquito bite sorta thing. I thought I was losing my mind. Anyways. Today I awoke with a hive or two on either side of my nose...so my nose just blended in with the rest of my face. Wheeeee...fun being me.

So apparently there is no point to this post...oh wait...there was one. Free People. I love the brand Free People. I usually find it at Nordstroms or Urban Outfitters OR if I am in the mood to search the racks at TJ Maxx then I can find a couple good pcs. But I got an email from them yesterday and I challenge you to click here watch the video and not totally wish you looked like that chick. Well maybe some of you do look like her, I don't know...but I can promise you that she does not have my hives;)

Izzy and Ash

So I got to do something a little different the other day. And my kids had fun helping me out. Jennifer who is the fabulous chick behind Izzy and Ash had asked me if I would take some photos of items from her shop...for her site. Izzy and Ash is truly one of the best stores on the net. I love it. She now opened a Brick and Mortar as well and I so wish I lived in Austin so I could see the goods in person. Anyways...she sent a box and although we did not get to keep the clothes, it still felt a little like Christmas! Each outfit was better than the one before. Good lord were they cute clothes. Here are just a couple...and if you have never shopped at Izzy and Ash...prepare to open your wallet! We took photos of some Flowers by Zoe, Ella Moss, Fresh Karma (a personal favorite) and Lola et Moi...loved it all. Need it all...I mean want it all I guess...don't really need anything;)

It really was a fun little project. I am not the greatest photographer but there is only one way to learn these things...and trust me when I say I am alot better now than I was a year ago lol (which isn't saying much;). The second I have a moment to breath I plan on taking a class...or two...or three. I have alot to learn.


Hey...I'm a Peekaboo Pick

Hey...check out the Mothers Day gift picks from Peekaboo Picks. And look how cute Miss Betsy is in my My Kid Rocks tee. Keep in mind I can do My Kids Rock...or just one of your kids...lol...or My Boys Rock...My Girls Rock...etc...you get the idea!

Today I heart...Australia!

Never been there...and being that a flight longer than a Friends episode makes me go all snakey...I probably will never go. Sad I know. But until they invent a legal tranquilizer that will knock me out for the 24 hour flight...I will have to visit Australia on the net. BUT...this is not a bad thing because seriously they have fabulous stuff!

Good thing that even though our dollar sucks right now...so does everyone elses, so the exchange rate works in our favor...for now!

First, Australian Etsy. Bettsy kingston makes super cute baby ruffle pants and dresses. Of course I don't have babies anymore...but someone does...and they may need some butt ruffles!

Next there is Mimoo another etsy seller. Mimoo makes cute simple blankets and kids items. Look at this fabric. I love that fabric. I need to find it and make a skirt or something out of it. The retro picture reminds me of the illustrations in kids books when I was little. Like I said before...if it reminds me of my happy childhood...I am sucked in instantly.

A couple weeks ago I came across a fairly new clothing brand called Two Belles for the girls and Tommy Rocket for the boys. And as far as I know, noone in the US sells it. So if you are a boutique owner...look into it. It was love at first site for me. This shirt that I posted, I had seen somewhere and needed it for whomever it would fit in my house. If I had to put it on the dog...I was gonna do it. So after a few googles searches I discovered Two Belles. And the site Where did you get that. So I ordered it, got it faster than most US retailers AND...it was better than I had expected. So soft...so different. I am thinking the Two Belles line is all about details. Little details that set it aside from everything else. Yes it is supposed to be 95 degrees here this week (blah) so not sure when we can wear this shirt...but it is big enough for next winter...and I can hardly wait!

There are a zillion more wonderful Australian finds...I will post those as I come across them...but this post would not be complete without a mention of the wonderful Sheye Rosemeyer. If you are not familiar with Sheye and all she encompasses...grab a box of kleenex and go enjoy her fairy flosslike photos and her journey that she has endured. I heart Sheye. She makes us all stop and appreciate every little thing our children do. Thank you Sheye.


Matilda Jane is in da house...

...ahhh...I'm such a dork. And totally exhausted. Man was this a long day.

I can't believe it is Friday night. It feels like a Saturday...and I love Sunday's...so tomorrow when I wake up and it is only Sat I am going to be very dissapointed. However...tomorrow is a busy day. I am having a little Matilda Jane show. That picture is in my kids playroom. That armour is my daughters...but it is too gigantic to round the corner to go in her room...so it is stuck in the playroom. Ha. Anyways...if you need any Matilda Jane, email me...and I can put in an order for you.

If you are heading my way tomorrow morning...I promise to have donuts and coffee and fresh OJ (fresh out of the carton that is)...and we can sit and drool and try to figure out how Denise does it all. Because seriously...that is one crafty woman.

Does this make me a mean mom?

Last weekend I let my kids color eggs. Anyway they wanted to. They did pretty well. Especially my oldest who was smart enough to dip half in one color and half in another. BUT...they were still ugly. Ha. There I said it. They were. Thats the joy of Easter egg coloring. They never look like the ones on the box...come on. You know I am not the only one thinking this.

Tossing them out would clearly break some hearts...so I did what Martha would do...I glittered them. Still not the cutest eggs in the basket but better then they were...you are going to have to trust me on this one.

oooo...this was not a good idea

So I am into filling my big glass hurricanes with candy these days. There are so many cute spring candies out. First I had filled the large jar with cotton candy. I am not a cotton candy lover so this was fine with me...I had no problem walking past it 80 times a day and not eating any. Apparently my husband is a cotton candy addict because as soon as he saw that I did not go ballistic when he had a little sample...he decided that it all needed to be eaten in basically one sitting.

I was not sure what else to fill the jar with. Then my friend Robin sent me a picture of her candy jar filled with peeps. It was cute. But again...peeps don't thrill me. I hate marshmallows (I know...I'm weird...I also hate peanut butter) but I like to look at them apparently because when I spotted the rainbow of colors at Target yesterday...I couldn't resist.

So the peeps are cute...its the m&m's that are dangerous...I challenge you to walk by a big bowl of m&m's and not take a handful!

Anyways...Happy Easter! Stop at Tarjay on the way home and get yourself your own squishy rainbow.


New Birthday Tees...

I decided to add another boys #3 tee in my Kapow collection. Not sure why...but I think it was a touch of ocd kicking in because it was bugging me that they were not a complete collection. Don't get me wrong...the green #3 was cute...but it was a conversation bubble...and it didn't match the 4 others. I'm nuts...I know. And really, does it matter? It is not like there will be 5 little dudes running around together in the tees and they will be like "hey #3 why are you a conversation bubble and not a superhero number?" Actually...that WOULD be cute. Ok...if there is a photographer that can get me a picture of 5 little guys lined up wearing the tees...well...email me...lets chat!

AND...I did one more tee...the Birthday Kid tee...for 2 reasons, one because I like Royal blue (lol) and the other reason is so that there are 6 tees in the boys Kapow collection...and I like even numbers. See...I am getting stranger by the second.


Today I heart...deer

So many cute deer items...

like deer for your wall (i need these...I mean, my daughter needs these) I love wall candy arts

Of course, deer barrettes

For your deer barrettes you need a deer barrette holder like this one from Giddy Giddy.

And even adorable Micheal Miller Pet Deer Fabric