Had to share...

For the past couple of years every once in awhile my children's persistent begging for funky nails gets me at the right moment and I will dive right in. I did say every once in awhile. Being that they are my children, any ol shade of pink just will not do. We need colors...lots of them...options...lots and lots of those. I kid you not, I have 6 shades of green nailpolish in my cabinet (ya...I know...who wears green? my kids wear green).

After a half an hour or so they balance away on their heels with their funky fingers held high in the air, as if the higher you hold them the quicker they will dry. I have managed to make hearts and lollipops and polkadots and whatever else my little blob of polish can be turned into...but...it was not until yesterday that my life just got a lot simpler.

Sally Hansen
to the rescue. I had to run into Walgreens yesterday and as I was breezing past the wall of polishes these little puppies caught my eye. And you know what...they are as good as they look. Sooooo easy. They work so well. My life as I know it has been changed. Thank you Sally.


Anonymous said...

I know what we're going to do tonight!

emtanner said...

OMG..too wierd...i painted hadly's nails blue last night and she was begging for this SH nail art pen but i didnt think it would work....so it did work? too wierd sometimes i think we live the same life! LOL