Cannot get enough of the gladiator...

Last summer I was so excited about the "gladiator" sandal. I love it. Its not for everyone I get that. But me...its for me. 9 years ago I was a golf pro (yes you read that correctly) and after I had my first child I decided to stay at home...haven't gone back since. My point is that 9 years of tromping through life in flip flops and barefeet make for rather large, flat feet. If I am forced to wear any sort of structured shoe now...it is not fun. So when gladiators came out I was thrilled because

A. it is a nicer version of flip flops
B. it is like jewelry for the footsies! Love that.

Last year I bought a pair of Sam Edelmans that I love love love...still love them

Tonight I was forced into Kohls (not a favorite place of mine) while my husband refilled his sock drawers...I coasted into the Simply Vera section and was quickly reminded that it is a pretty darn good section. Why I have it in my head that I hate Kohls I don't know. My favorite pair of "winter" shoes (keep in mind this is Phoenix) are a pare of Simply Vera Wang ballet shoes with a jewel. And my favorite "go-to" cardigan is also a Simply Vera. So...I need to just check myself I tell ya. So tonight I added to my favorites and found the Simply Vera Dyan gladiator and I am in love all over again. I got it in black...I will say it is even cuter in the bronze but I already have a bronze sandal and the black was rather rockstarish...I like that. So if you need a sandal, and you have a kohls nearby...go check them out, there may be even cuter ones that I did not see.

Another good option is the Libby Edelman's at Famous Footwear. Just like the Go International collections at Target these days...love those...the Libby Edelmans at Famous footwear are a fabulous deal...lots of good options. Look at this pretty gold one with the jewels...both of these shoes are way better in person too.

Now all you need is a funky nail polish and you are good to go. I hate to admit it...but my nail polish selection is leaning towards the neons these days...is that gross? Tell me if it is.


Emom said...

I absolutely know what you mena about Kohls, love-hate, can't tell you why. I love the gladiators too, but for another place and time......40 years ago, yes everything old is new again.

Heather said...

A.) I have those black Simply Vera shoes, and I think I know which ballet flats you're talking about, which I also have in black

B.) My toes are currently the "perky purple" - I let my 2-year-old pick it out, and I actually like it.

I'm also loving the gladiators, and fuschia toes. : )