Coach...me likey

So I have this love hate relationship with Coach. I will start with the HATE part...and I am sure the makers of Coach probably hate this part more than I do...but I HATE that every female at the mall is walking around with a coach purse. Of course this part Coach would LOVE...but since most of those bags at the mall are fakes...that part they hate. So I say to myself...no more coach. Although I do love the two that I have...but no...no more coach. I do not like to look like every other woman at the grocery store...THEN...and here comes my love part. Coach...reinvents itself and makes me fall in love all over again. Brilliant. It must be exhausting though really...to have to reinvent yourself each season just to stay ahead of the copycats. Again, I realize this is life and that happens in everything...just ask Denise from Matilda Jane...heck just ask me since I seem to be getting my share of that lately. But the genius people are the ones that stay 2 steps ahead of everyone else and they make their mark BEFORE they are copied and everyone knows who the original was. Seriously...is there any doubt who the original Knot Dress came from? I think "knot" ha.

So here we go again. Coach has done it again and I love it again. Now can I go buy a $698 purse just because I love it??? Ya no...BUT...I can post the picture here so we can look at it and drool. Then click here and go drool over all the other beauties.


Anonymous said...

I could have written this myself. lol. I HATE coach. I think they are geared toward high school girls. I had 2 through high school and that's all I think about when I see the moms around here carrying there coach bags. Mainly because they are the logo bags and I despise the logo's. lol

I'm obsessed with Mulberry! Love them. And I love the one I have.

I also hate that Nine West makes knocks offs. Why can't these company's come up with own designs??


Anonymous said...

I, like you, have hated coach for a while because every time you turn around you see C's purses. I like the ones that leave the maker a mystery. Ya-know-what-I-mean?

Emom said...

Yep, all true. I blame my father for my addiction. Embarrased to say, he started me off on the Coach obsession over 30 years ago. I try to divert my eyes when passing the store, but I can't help myself. Sorry to say I am pretty sure I will never recover.

Em Tanner said...

i hear ya sista!