oooo...this was not a good idea

So I am into filling my big glass hurricanes with candy these days. There are so many cute spring candies out. First I had filled the large jar with cotton candy. I am not a cotton candy lover so this was fine with me...I had no problem walking past it 80 times a day and not eating any. Apparently my husband is a cotton candy addict because as soon as he saw that I did not go ballistic when he had a little sample...he decided that it all needed to be eaten in basically one sitting.

I was not sure what else to fill the jar with. Then my friend Robin sent me a picture of her candy jar filled with peeps. It was cute. But again...peeps don't thrill me. I hate marshmallows (I know...I'm weird...I also hate peanut butter) but I like to look at them apparently because when I spotted the rainbow of colors at Target yesterday...I couldn't resist.

So the peeps are cute...its the m&m's that are dangerous...I challenge you to walk by a big bowl of m&m's and not take a handful!

Anyways...Happy Easter! Stop at Tarjay on the way home and get yourself your own squishy rainbow.


Sassy Pink Boutique said...

LOVE THE PEEPS!!!! I think they taste terrible too, but love how they look.

Jenna said...

This is SOOOO cute. I love the peep jar. Ironically, I wrote a post today about candy. You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

Um, hating peanut butter is like hating ice cream! :-)

HomeSpun Threads said...

Oh MY! How beautiful! I'll have to remember this one...can I send my readers over?

Kay said...

OMWord so cute!! Sorry to pop in uninvited but I saw the link in C-jane's facebook comments and well... I'm nosey. ;) Have a wonderful Easter!