one more for the night...

Two things before I go to bed (the anticipation of just how huge my lip will be in the morning is getting to me...wheee...its like Christmas...only it...sucks) anyways, first thing is that I have had so many people tell me that they leave my blog on just to listen to the music. Ha. So...I added some new tunes tonight...I realize that they are all over the map, but thats me. A little bit of everything. So for those of you that like to listen...enjoy. For those that don't...uuuuhhhh...turn your volume down???

The second thing was that I just saw twirly girl is having a sale. Twirly girl is another genius idea. Reversible skirts! Man. Such smart women. Anyways...check it out...they have super cute stuff and their leggings are some of my favorites.

oooppp...one more thing. Just because it was funny. I was just talking to my husband who was outside putting the bbq cover back on the bbq...and a mouse/rat/packrat...ran out of the cover...right through my husbands feet and under the lounger...AND...my husband did not even notice! As creepy and gross as that sounds...it was pretty damn funny. Clearly I have a sick sense of humour. Hey...better it be outside than inside...THATS a whole other story.

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