Lookey Lookey A Couple of New Items...

So last friday I fried my computer somehow. It was funky. I didn't cry though, but I may when it dawns on me just how many saved emails I lost. Like LOTS. I had a folder of about 50-60 stores waiting to open accounts with me. And my email inbox went kaput. KAPUT. Now I know that the saved emails are somewhere on my computer because once you save something...it literally is saved forever somewhere...but it is like a treasure hunt finding them. Sigh.

My email is back up now...but it doesn't look the same...and I PRAY I did not lose any emails that were sent to me between last week and today...yikes. I'm nervous.

Anywhoo...I have three new styles that I did yesterday. Pretty cute (I think???). The options are white or black tanks or tees. If you hate one font and like another...let me know. I can do any font. OH...and you know that if there is a certain something that you would like on a shirt...I can probably do it. A couple weeks ago I did a piece of cheese. Yup...big ol pc of swiss cheese.

The Rose tank is on its way to my friend Lena's house. For her little Rose Bud. She doesn't know it yet. So we will see if she sees it on the blog before it gets to her doorstep lol.


Lena said...

OHMYGOD, OHMYGAWD, OHMIGOD!!! You are a blinging genius!!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am! LMR (little miss rose) will take pics frolicking in this the instant she receives it!


Anonymous said...

oh my word!! I'm in love with those!!!! I need to quit you but Im going to have to buy one of these. I want to think of something for Nadia. She has her NICU reunion coming up and she has to be best dressed. lol She won last yr.


de said...

These are amazing! And the doggie shirt you made for Polo is TOOO TOOO cute! What a great idea! Jasmine is so sweet! And so are you for sending it to Polo!

Toni Hamel said...

OMG! We are definitely gonna have to get some for Fia... LOL!