As I sit and scratch...

...so in case you were wondering...my hives are still here;) In case you were not wondering, or you were sick of hearing about them...or they make you itchy just listening to how itchy I am...sorry...but I'm itchy. I always think twice before telling people I have a hive issue...or posting about it. But then I think, well sometimes I need to explain why it is I cannot commit to something a week in advance and truly it is because there is a 85% chance that I will be so swollen somewhere that I would much prefer to hide out in my house. Sorry. But very true.

My other reason for talking about it is two fold. First, I am thinking that someone will tell me that they went through this and they have the magic cure. Maybe they will google "hives crazy woman" and find me and save me. Or...I just want people to know about it because apparently it is not that uncommon. 20% of the population will go through some sort of hive issue and voila...if I find a cure I will surely pass it on for you to file in your mental cabinet for future reference.

Oh...I have one more reason why I talk about it...because it makes me feel a tad better. Ha.

But yes I still have them. Come June I will have had them for a year. Nice. They were not that bad in the beginning. It took a few months of a strange patch of bumps for me to realize that this one not a mosquito bite sorta thing. I thought I was losing my mind. Anyways. Today I awoke with a hive or two on either side of my nose...so my nose just blended in with the rest of my face. Wheeeee...fun being me.

So apparently there is no point to this post...oh wait...there was one. Free People. I love the brand Free People. I usually find it at Nordstroms or Urban Outfitters OR if I am in the mood to search the racks at TJ Maxx then I can find a couple good pcs. But I got an email from them yesterday and I challenge you to click here watch the video and not totally wish you looked like that chick. Well maybe some of you do look like her, I don't know...but I can promise you that she does not have my hives;)

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Janelle said...

Have you ever tried doing a total body cleanse? Or a colon or candida cleanse? It is supposed to help with these types of issues! I am sorry that you have to deal with this! Good luck getting rid of the hives!