Things I am loving right now...

These shoes
because they are the first pair of sandals that I have ever purchased for either of my children that did not get a single whine or a hint of pain from. In fact...these shoes are soooo soft and comfy, both of my children now have a pair (one in silver one in gold) and they just keep saying how much they love their shoes. I know...I am such a terrible mom to make them wear wooden clogs for so long!

This because I like to have pink rosey cheeks...I figure if people are looking at my rosey cheeks they will not notice the hive contusions on the rest of me;)

And then these...because I love little hair clips! Cannot get enough of them (trust me they sure help with the growing out of the bangs) I heart cakies. Anyone that names her kid True has a place in my good book.


Anonymous said...

You are a blogging maniac! That makes me sooooo happy :) Cute, cute stuff, girl!!
xo Robin

anne said...

love the shoes! where can i get them?