I'm sorry...

I am sorry I have been a blog slacker this past week or so. I don't really have any excuse either. Same old me. Same old issues. In fact today was a good hive day until an hour after dinner and my lip started getting numb, oh yes...in case I did not share with you (I am sure I did) facial swelling is a lovely bonus add on to chronic hives. Nice. So my lip is getting larger and larger at the moment. I will wake tomorrow with a huge upper lip and then I will hide in my home all day. Bet you wish you were me now dontcha?

Anyways...I have seen a zillion cool things on the internet and now I will share. Because thats what I do;)

OH and I expect the same in return please and thank you. If you come across something super cool...shoot me an email and I will post for all to see.

So here is the kids lunch box that I know everyone needs. Ha. Actually I just think it is so cute.

First...it comes in good patterns
Second...it has compartments (I love compartments!)
and then
third...it has a white dry erase board in it for you to leave a cute little note!

I LOVE that. My mom used to send us to school everyday with our brown paper bag lunch. We had no cafeteria in elementary school. And my mom would draw a picture on the front of the bag everyday. It was usually a picture of our dog smiling or something...but she did it...everyday. Thats love. I know that my kids would like a little note in their lunch. I love my girls. Ohhh...sorry...just tossed that in there.

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