Izzy and Ash

So I got to do something a little different the other day. And my kids had fun helping me out. Jennifer who is the fabulous chick behind Izzy and Ash had asked me if I would take some photos of items from her shop...for her site. Izzy and Ash is truly one of the best stores on the net. I love it. She now opened a Brick and Mortar as well and I so wish I lived in Austin so I could see the goods in person. Anyways...she sent a box and although we did not get to keep the clothes, it still felt a little like Christmas! Each outfit was better than the one before. Good lord were they cute clothes. Here are just a couple...and if you have never shopped at Izzy and Ash...prepare to open your wallet! We took photos of some Flowers by Zoe, Ella Moss, Fresh Karma (a personal favorite) and Lola et Moi...loved it all. Need it all...I mean want it all I guess...don't really need anything;)

It really was a fun little project. I am not the greatest photographer but there is only one way to learn these things...and trust me when I say I am alot better now than I was a year ago lol (which isn't saying much;). The second I have a moment to breath I plan on taking a class...or two...or three. I have alot to learn.


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Heather said...

Those photographs are great! The clothes are fabulous and your daughters are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

1. LOVE izzyandash.com
2. i think you should be able to keep the clothes. ;)
3. They really are good photos.