Pumpkins and Petunias

So I added a new store this week...Pumpkins and Petunias. Very cute store. And what did I do to thank them? I bought a shirt. Nice.

If you like "band tees" like I do...then you will be a big fan of Lola and James. They make kids clothes out of old concert tees...not old like last years Kenny Chesney tee...but like 1985's Prince tee. Fun! The problem though is finding the shirt or dress you want in the size you need because they literally are one of a kind. So. You need to be on your toes OR...you need to put in a special order. I did however find this Britney Spears tee at pumpkins and petunias in the correct size. Not sure how I feel about Britney actually...but she was cute back then lol. I am on the hunt for more. Tough Cookies which is another great shop that carries my goods in California has a good selection as well. Lola and James could be my new addiction. I kinda wish they made womens tees. Hmmmm...maybe they do and I have not discovered that yet. They also make cashmere tees...and fabulous boys tees. Trust me...the search is almost as fun as the purchase.


Anonymous said...

I just got back and I know Im late replying on your posts, but I have got to get the Madonna dress.


Loraine said...

You're sweet girl looked so sweet in her shirt/dress the other day....

Your since of taste is amazing!