Not as cute as Rose but pretty darn close...

When I first saw Jane Jenni's absolutely brilliant melamine dishes and cups I flipped. It is stuff like this that I LOVE. Love. Kitchy cute and just fun to look at. I tell myself that I need to grow up. But I can't. I am attracted to things that just make me smile. I have not ordered any of these yet...but only because seriously...I cannot figure out what ones are my favorites. Once I start...I may not stop. I think the cupcake one is tops for me...but I also like HAPPY CAMPER...and OH DEER...but there is also a NUMB SKULL...ha...see what I mean...brilliant. Why these are not on tee shirts I have no idea. I would be first in line to wear them...I mean buy them for my kids to wear;)


Anonymous said...

I have the tree hugger and little lamb plates and I love them so much! They are just adorable!

Loraine said...

we love these too!

we've got TOP BANANA and CUTIE PIE plates and matching cups.

found them last year in a great New York boutique.

~~~ you've got such great taste!

Anonymous said...

I have to find out where to buy these! I need "trophy wife" and "old goat" on mugs! Clever!!

Anonymous said...

This is where I got mine.


Anonymous said...

Thank, April!


Mardean said...

What is really interesting, is I fell in love with these at a wholesale show almost 2 years ago, and I could not buy them because they were not right for a Casino Shop. It is a shame I did not know my daughter and her friends would love them too!
Loraine's Mom, Mardean

hongyi said...

Hey Cristy! I got here through j*'s blog, and I just needed to tell you that you did a fantastic job, Polo looks so handsome in it! ;))

Enjoyed browsing through your blog...there's so many pretty things on display. Your post on wall art caught my attention in particular, coz I just made a piece of art on my bedroom wall too, and just posted about it! ;)

Keep on blogging coz u're doing a great job!