So for those of you that don't follow the paperlili group on facebook...

a.  why not?  I do fun contests and stuff;)


b.  you probably don't know that Saturday morning I am doing a Zulily event.

Now. If you don't know what Zulily is...you are not one of the 2.5 million people that are in fact signed up to get daily email notifications on their fabulous sales.
So you basically are missing out:)
Click here to sign up.
And then tomorrow morning (saturday April 23rd) you will get a notification of my sale:)
A sale that I have been working on for the past 3 weeks.
860 pcs of sale I might add.
Stuff for both girls and boys.
I would like to give you a little preview but the only one I am allowed to give you is this:)
Ok...so if you are in Phoenix...you will get the notication at 6:03 am.
Or at least that is the exact time I get it every day:)
And Phoenix is Mountain Standard time right now.

Alrighty then...what else.  
Oh...this one I could kick myself for.
So all the Easter Tee's went out obviously...since Easter is in 2 days...
BUT...I had a couple patterns ready to go and needing a home. 
So what did I do?
Slap one on the front.
and then slap one on the back
Now...why didn't I think of this before yesterday?
Not sure. 
But I know it now and I think it is pretty darn cute on the back huh.
Of course she came home from school covered from front to back (and even side)
with dirt and dust from playing baseball at school.
Seriously.  We have NEVER been that filthy coming home from school.
Oh well...that's life:)

A couple cute things went out in the mail today.
Things that I cannot list on my site.
But pretty cute indeed.

And then I wanted to share the Little Deer tank because I love it.
Another cute one was a mom tee:)
I changed the o's to peace signs...I hope Mandye likes it:)
Ok...let's talk Easter since it is in a day and a half.
Like Easter Decor.
Fab Rhonda (yes...that is her official name I have given her) sent me this earlier in the week.
I wish I had time to make it.
For directions...go here.
I think peeps wreaths are the cutest idea.
Wonder if you could laquer them and then keep them longer.
Hmmm...could be fun.
Speaking of Peeps...this costume just cracks me up.
Ha.  Get it...cracks me up.

So I am trying to find a good picture of peeps in a jar.
And I have to say...I am not finding anything cuter than mine from last year.
I am also not finding my photo from last year:( 
I would scroll back through my blog to last year and find the photo...but I am way.to.tired.

So I am heading to bed.
Or maybe to check on my ipad smurf village that now has an Easter Bunny in it:)
Then to bed.
Or to ooh and ahh over the pair of pants I tried on today that I seriously need.
Maybe I need to treat myself after the 860 tee event:)


Wordless wednesday...schmerdless wednesday

There was a time in my life when I thought I talked too much.
You know...that person that you chat with and they won't shut up.
I always thought that was me.
Like I could hear myself talking in my head.
Not so much anymore.
I am constantly thinking of things I want to do...to make...to try.
I have a million ideas in my head and it seems I can't talk and think anymore.
Does this make sense?
I doubt it.  Just know that I have alot of new stuff planned 
and I am excited about all of it coming together.

Speaking of things coming together...I am doing a Zulily event tentatively on the 24th.
This means I have a TON of work ahead of me still.
But...it is all a learning experience.
Everything is a learning experience.
Kinda like the school "family" science project that we have to somehow do this month.
Seriously...if you saw my calendar you would wonder how I am going to do all of this.
One day at a time I guess.

Speaking of Calendar's...take a look at the one hanging in my office.
Ainsley fill's it in. 
She forgets 99% of the stuff that needs to go on the calendar...but
if you look at the bottom you will notice the note about Peyton and her dream pet.
Yes...she still wants a hedgehog.
She is obsessed actually.
No idea why.  
I would get her one...but they are illegal in Arizona:(
It's kinda sad.
Even her room.
(I did that painting years ago...totally copied it from Mary Engelbreit out of a book...Peyton was into mermaids and we needed something to hang on her walls.  Maybe I need to paint a hedgehog...nah...maybe just a hedgehog tee;)

Ok...what else.  Ahhh...Ainsley.
Her shoe laces are always undone.
We just got a new pair of sneakers a couple weeks ago and
SO...she came up with her own solution...right outta my shop.
Hellooooo...you don't have to undo them.
They make your shoes stretchy laced so you can just slip them on and off.
The pink ones even have the peace signs on them.  Cute huh.

Next...we tried our new shoe pom pom's.
Our volleyball team's (did I mention we are coaching it!)
colors are gold/purple. 
Naturally we have the hair pom pom's...but I thought we would try
the shoe pom pom's.
I think they are small enough that they would be cute at the ends of braids too.
They work on laces, flip flops....crocs...and as we quickly found out...
make for the perfect tutu for barbie.  Who woulda thunk!

Dude...that is alot of stuff going on our shoe. 
Oh well...she is never one to under accessorize.

I don't have the shoe pom pom's yet in stock. 
Just the big ones for the hair.
However, if you are interested in shoe pom's. (or hair)..and you would like them for your daughters team (whatever team that may be) email me at customerservice@paperlili.com and we will twalk:)

So this morning on all the news shoes they are talking about the J crew ad with the beautiful
Jenna Lyon's (who may very well be my design hero) and her 5 year old son Beckett.
It was from an email ad last weekend.
I got the ad. I thought it was adorable.
The hoohah about the ad is that Jenna is putting nail polish on Beckett's toes.
Seriously.  SERIOUSLY?  People.  

Here is the ad
Isn't it just offensive!  Goodness me.
I think it is darling.
Do I think it is going to effect her son and he will all of the sudden want to wear tutu's to school?
Uh...no.  I don't think it happens that way people.
Do I think it is a sweet moment between mom and son.
Do I think there are 4 million more offensive things on the net today...uhhhhh...
that would be a big ol YES!

Speaking of other darling things for kids...check these out.
I was sad that Yo Gabba Gabba came around after my kids were way out of those preschool shows.
I like it. I like the colors...the music...and Jack Black on Yo Gabba Gabba was hilarious.
I was singing his song all day after that episode (that I forced my kids to watch).
But look at these Vans.
LOVE these.
Get them at Kitson.

Ok...so once again I have lost my train of thought.
Story of my life!
I was just on the phone with the Zulily lady and then the post lady came...the dogs went nutsos...and now I am done;)

I 'll be back...I had more to share.  
Told you I couldn't think and talk at the same time!


Grabbed a few minutes to blog

Ok...hubby is watching icarly with the girls and Peyton's friend who is sleeping over.
I spent the day making, steaming, pressing, photographing and then listing some limited edition dresses.
If you missed them...there are a couple left I think in my etsy shop...which you can see here.
I had some help while I was trying to take my photos;)
Then someone kept popping into the photos

She was actually in charge of taking the dresses off the mannequin and putting the new ones back on.
Unlike this dude who did NOT have a job except to stay outta the photos.
Notice how he is not looking at me? He is TOTALLY pretending that he is looking past me.
Like he doesn't know that I am 6 inches in front of his face.

Oh look...someone popped back into the photo.
She was trying to show me all the different colors in the heart...like I didn't know there were there.
This is about the 4th version of the rainbow heart. I am so heart picky.
Sometimes I use a heart to dot an i...and they are not just any hearts...they have to be "fat" hearts.
I like my hearts fat.
And my regular rainbow heart was just not working for me...so...then we tried the "groovy rainbow" heart with the slant...nope...still did nothing for me...but I think this is it.
This heart makes me happy:)
Ok...here are a few more new designs:)

I hope you like them.
My favorite are the bees and the fancy face.

What else.
Oh...This week I decided on the spur of the moment that it was such a lovely night, that we should bbq by the lake in our neighborhood.

It was yummy.
We played ball too.
Until my beach ball caught the wind and went into the lake.
I had to run to the other side of the lake in my flip flops and retrieve said ball.

That pink dot is our ball...floating...it is now home safe and sound.
Good thing the football was too heavy to catch the wind.
Geeze louise is Peyton good at throwing a football.
This is not something she gets from me.
I am rediculously horrid at throwing a football.

On friday after school pick up we met the girls in the school playground with new kites.
Fabulous kites from Costco.
It was too windy.  No joke. I didn't know that was possible.
We will try again maybe tomorrow if it is moderatly windy.

And I leave you with Flat Stanley.
Stanley is visiting us from South Carolina...
Don't worry Hailey...he is safe and sound and will return home to you with some good stories to tell:)


The heat is coming the heat is coming...egads

It was 101 degrees yesterday.
It is only 93 today so far...however it is only 2 and it usually keeps ona risin' until about 5.
That sucks.
It is only April 2nd.
Don't get me wrong...I like the heat. 
I like to be warm.  HATE to be cold.  HATE it.
I don't like not being able to feel my fingers.
I cannot tell you how many golf tournaments I played in where I couldn't feel my hands.
If I couldn't feel my fingers I might as well have walked right back to the club house.
That was never an option.
Blah.  Cold=Blah.
Well cold is the last thing I have to deal with these days.

My next problem...swimsuits.
I do love them.
Just not on me.
I pulled out my trusty suit yesterday and the elastic literally disintegrated.
You know a suit is too old when the elastic disintegrates.
Today...I had to go shopping.

This is what I came home with.
It is pretty cute.
Kinda "momish" but apparently...I am a real mom and not a Real Housewife of Miami.
Holy Schmoly...I caught up on all those episodes last night.

If you happen to like this suit...you too can get it here.
 It will get me through at least until I have a tan.

A couple other fun finds at the mall.
For kids...we saw this tee that I loved.

But...like I said...it is 100 degrees out already.
So I saw this one...which I REALLY loved.
But...Ainsley is extremely scared of bees (after a bad incident a couple years ago...and then Steve got stung in the mouth a couple weeks ago from one that flew into his diet coke can).

So...we settled on this one...which I 
actually love everything about it...from the saying...to the font...to the colors.
AND it is super soft.
Get all of these tees here at Peek...aren't you curious which has always been a favorite store of mine.
Just keep in mind that we got the size 6/7 for Ainsley in the tee because they looked really big to me.
Their sizing does confuse me a little.  But the quality is always awesome and SO soft.

Then...the girls got a couple of these...which I have never seen in person,
only on the net...and I think we have a new addiction.
The good news is that I already have the ordering information in my file and
I think my shop needs these.  We like fun new stuff.
Faxing my order over this afternoon. So stay tuned.

So enough of our fun new finds.
What else did we do this week.
Well...one day I decided to greet the kids home from school with an old fashioned water gun fight.
It got pretty crazy pretty fast.

That cooled things off quickly:)

Then...I made a few fun things.

First...the sparkle fairy dress.
The wings are on the back of the dress.
This is not a good photo as you cannot see the ruffles in the dress...but they are there
and they are cute:)

Ok...I am off to MAYBE go for a swim.
Not convinced yet that this is something I need to do.
But...it is something the kids need to do.
I will say it is kinda sad when you are faced with the fact that you cannot
hide in jeans for the next 6 months.  

So...bring on the maxi dresses:)
(oh...found a couple cute ones of those today too)