Grabbed a few minutes to blog

Ok...hubby is watching icarly with the girls and Peyton's friend who is sleeping over.
I spent the day making, steaming, pressing, photographing and then listing some limited edition dresses.
If you missed them...there are a couple left I think in my etsy shop...which you can see here.
I had some help while I was trying to take my photos;)
Then someone kept popping into the photos

She was actually in charge of taking the dresses off the mannequin and putting the new ones back on.
Unlike this dude who did NOT have a job except to stay outta the photos.
Notice how he is not looking at me? He is TOTALLY pretending that he is looking past me.
Like he doesn't know that I am 6 inches in front of his face.

Oh look...someone popped back into the photo.
She was trying to show me all the different colors in the heart...like I didn't know there were there.
This is about the 4th version of the rainbow heart. I am so heart picky.
Sometimes I use a heart to dot an i...and they are not just any hearts...they have to be "fat" hearts.
I like my hearts fat.
And my regular rainbow heart was just not working for me...so...then we tried the "groovy rainbow" heart with the slant...nope...still did nothing for me...but I think this is it.
This heart makes me happy:)
Ok...here are a few more new designs:)

I hope you like them.
My favorite are the bees and the fancy face.

What else.
Oh...This week I decided on the spur of the moment that it was such a lovely night, that we should bbq by the lake in our neighborhood.

It was yummy.
We played ball too.
Until my beach ball caught the wind and went into the lake.
I had to run to the other side of the lake in my flip flops and retrieve said ball.

That pink dot is our ball...floating...it is now home safe and sound.
Good thing the football was too heavy to catch the wind.
Geeze louise is Peyton good at throwing a football.
This is not something she gets from me.
I am rediculously horrid at throwing a football.

On friday after school pick up we met the girls in the school playground with new kites.
Fabulous kites from Costco.
It was too windy.  No joke. I didn't know that was possible.
We will try again maybe tomorrow if it is moderatly windy.

And I leave you with Flat Stanley.
Stanley is visiting us from South Carolina...
Don't worry Hailey...he is safe and sound and will return home to you with some good stories to tell:)


Judy said...

I love reading your blog posts. Your oldest dd looks like your twin. How cute is Hailey's Flat Stanley? I'm impressed. ;)

Happy Mami said...

Love the new stuff (I am working on my list), love your assistant more! Fancy Face will be coming here, it is my favorite!!
Happy you blogged!!!
Take care.