The heat is coming the heat is coming...egads

It was 101 degrees yesterday.
It is only 93 today so far...however it is only 2 and it usually keeps ona risin' until about 5.
That sucks.
It is only April 2nd.
Don't get me wrong...I like the heat. 
I like to be warm.  HATE to be cold.  HATE it.
I don't like not being able to feel my fingers.
I cannot tell you how many golf tournaments I played in where I couldn't feel my hands.
If I couldn't feel my fingers I might as well have walked right back to the club house.
That was never an option.
Blah.  Cold=Blah.
Well cold is the last thing I have to deal with these days.

My next problem...swimsuits.
I do love them.
Just not on me.
I pulled out my trusty suit yesterday and the elastic literally disintegrated.
You know a suit is too old when the elastic disintegrates.
Today...I had to go shopping.

This is what I came home with.
It is pretty cute.
Kinda "momish" but apparently...I am a real mom and not a Real Housewife of Miami.
Holy Schmoly...I caught up on all those episodes last night.

If you happen to like this suit...you too can get it here.
 It will get me through at least until I have a tan.

A couple other fun finds at the mall.
For kids...we saw this tee that I loved.

But...like I said...it is 100 degrees out already.
So I saw this one...which I REALLY loved.
But...Ainsley is extremely scared of bees (after a bad incident a couple years ago...and then Steve got stung in the mouth a couple weeks ago from one that flew into his diet coke can).

So...we settled on this one...which I 
actually love everything about it...from the saying...to the font...to the colors.
AND it is super soft.
Get all of these tees here at Peek...aren't you curious which has always been a favorite store of mine.
Just keep in mind that we got the size 6/7 for Ainsley in the tee because they looked really big to me.
Their sizing does confuse me a little.  But the quality is always awesome and SO soft.

Then...the girls got a couple of these...which I have never seen in person,
only on the net...and I think we have a new addiction.
The good news is that I already have the ordering information in my file and
I think my shop needs these.  We like fun new stuff.
Faxing my order over this afternoon. So stay tuned.

So enough of our fun new finds.
What else did we do this week.
Well...one day I decided to greet the kids home from school with an old fashioned water gun fight.
It got pretty crazy pretty fast.

That cooled things off quickly:)

Then...I made a few fun things.

First...the sparkle fairy dress.
The wings are on the back of the dress.
This is not a good photo as you cannot see the ruffles in the dress...but they are there
and they are cute:)

Ok...I am off to MAYBE go for a swim.
Not convinced yet that this is something I need to do.
But...it is something the kids need to do.
I will say it is kinda sad when you are faced with the fact that you cannot
hide in jeans for the next 6 months.  

So...bring on the maxi dresses:)
(oh...found a couple cute ones of those today too)


Judy said...

LOVE that suit and the girls playing! What a great mom you are :)

Anonymous said...

so funny, love the suit. Belle has that bracelet and it is super adorable. Santa brought it for her this year. love reading about your blog, it makes me happy:) stephanie

woodwhat said...

Oh wow, those water gun fight pictures are great! The action shot of Peyton jumping has me in stitches. :)