Wordless wednesday...schmerdless wednesday

There was a time in my life when I thought I talked too much.
You know...that person that you chat with and they won't shut up.
I always thought that was me.
Like I could hear myself talking in my head.
Not so much anymore.
I am constantly thinking of things I want to do...to make...to try.
I have a million ideas in my head and it seems I can't talk and think anymore.
Does this make sense?
I doubt it.  Just know that I have alot of new stuff planned 
and I am excited about all of it coming together.

Speaking of things coming together...I am doing a Zulily event tentatively on the 24th.
This means I have a TON of work ahead of me still.
But...it is all a learning experience.
Everything is a learning experience.
Kinda like the school "family" science project that we have to somehow do this month.
Seriously...if you saw my calendar you would wonder how I am going to do all of this.
One day at a time I guess.

Speaking of Calendar's...take a look at the one hanging in my office.
Ainsley fill's it in. 
She forgets 99% of the stuff that needs to go on the calendar...but
if you look at the bottom you will notice the note about Peyton and her dream pet.
Yes...she still wants a hedgehog.
She is obsessed actually.
No idea why.  
I would get her one...but they are illegal in Arizona:(
It's kinda sad.
Even her room.
(I did that painting years ago...totally copied it from Mary Engelbreit out of a book...Peyton was into mermaids and we needed something to hang on her walls.  Maybe I need to paint a hedgehog...nah...maybe just a hedgehog tee;)

Ok...what else.  Ahhh...Ainsley.
Her shoe laces are always undone.
We just got a new pair of sneakers a couple weeks ago and
SO...she came up with her own solution...right outta my shop.
Hellooooo...you don't have to undo them.
They make your shoes stretchy laced so you can just slip them on and off.
The pink ones even have the peace signs on them.  Cute huh.

Next...we tried our new shoe pom pom's.
Our volleyball team's (did I mention we are coaching it!)
colors are gold/purple. 
Naturally we have the hair pom pom's...but I thought we would try
the shoe pom pom's.
I think they are small enough that they would be cute at the ends of braids too.
They work on laces, flip flops....crocs...and as we quickly found out...
make for the perfect tutu for barbie.  Who woulda thunk!

Dude...that is alot of stuff going on our shoe. 
Oh well...she is never one to under accessorize.

I don't have the shoe pom pom's yet in stock. 
Just the big ones for the hair.
However, if you are interested in shoe pom's. (or hair)..and you would like them for your daughters team (whatever team that may be) email me at customerservice@paperlili.com and we will twalk:)

So this morning on all the news shoes they are talking about the J crew ad with the beautiful
Jenna Lyon's (who may very well be my design hero) and her 5 year old son Beckett.
It was from an email ad last weekend.
I got the ad. I thought it was adorable.
The hoohah about the ad is that Jenna is putting nail polish on Beckett's toes.
Seriously.  SERIOUSLY?  People.  

Here is the ad
Isn't it just offensive!  Goodness me.
I think it is darling.
Do I think it is going to effect her son and he will all of the sudden want to wear tutu's to school?
Uh...no.  I don't think it happens that way people.
Do I think it is a sweet moment between mom and son.
Do I think there are 4 million more offensive things on the net today...uhhhhh...
that would be a big ol YES!

Speaking of other darling things for kids...check these out.
I was sad that Yo Gabba Gabba came around after my kids were way out of those preschool shows.
I like it. I like the colors...the music...and Jack Black on Yo Gabba Gabba was hilarious.
I was singing his song all day after that episode (that I forced my kids to watch).
But look at these Vans.
LOVE these.
Get them at Kitson.

Ok...so once again I have lost my train of thought.
Story of my life!
I was just on the phone with the Zulily lady and then the post lady came...the dogs went nutsos...and now I am done;)

I 'll be back...I had more to share.  
Told you I couldn't think and talk at the same time!


Shannon K. said...

Awww...that's so sad that Peyton can't have a hedgehog! I'm sad for her!

I saw these and thought I'd send the site your way:

Glitter...'nuff said.

Happy Mami said...

I love hedgehogs!!!! I think we need a blingin' hedgehog too.

Your schmerdless wednesday was a good one!!

woodwhat said...

Your designs are getting cooler by the minute. I just love that owl!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. :)

Also, yeah, no big whoop about the toenails... Don't people have bigger things to worry about?

Lastly, Yo Gabba Gabba RULES! I like Brobee especially.

Anonymous said...

Stop!!!! I love Yo Gabba Gabba! My husband dressed up as DJ Lance last year and I never laughed so hard seeing a grown man in an orange track suit since Jack Black!


Anonymous said...

glad to see it!sweet post.

guy said...

so lucky to see it!good blog