So for those of you that don't follow the paperlili group on facebook...

a.  why not?  I do fun contests and stuff;)


b.  you probably don't know that Saturday morning I am doing a Zulily event.

Now. If you don't know what Zulily is...you are not one of the 2.5 million people that are in fact signed up to get daily email notifications on their fabulous sales.
So you basically are missing out:)
Click here to sign up.
And then tomorrow morning (saturday April 23rd) you will get a notification of my sale:)
A sale that I have been working on for the past 3 weeks.
860 pcs of sale I might add.
Stuff for both girls and boys.
I would like to give you a little preview but the only one I am allowed to give you is this:)
Ok...so if you are in Phoenix...you will get the notication at 6:03 am.
Or at least that is the exact time I get it every day:)
And Phoenix is Mountain Standard time right now.

Alrighty then...what else.  
Oh...this one I could kick myself for.
So all the Easter Tee's went out obviously...since Easter is in 2 days...
BUT...I had a couple patterns ready to go and needing a home. 
So what did I do?
Slap one on the front.
and then slap one on the back
Now...why didn't I think of this before yesterday?
Not sure. 
But I know it now and I think it is pretty darn cute on the back huh.
Of course she came home from school covered from front to back (and even side)
with dirt and dust from playing baseball at school.
Seriously.  We have NEVER been that filthy coming home from school.
Oh well...that's life:)

A couple cute things went out in the mail today.
Things that I cannot list on my site.
But pretty cute indeed.

And then I wanted to share the Little Deer tank because I love it.
Another cute one was a mom tee:)
I changed the o's to peace signs...I hope Mandye likes it:)
Ok...let's talk Easter since it is in a day and a half.
Like Easter Decor.
Fab Rhonda (yes...that is her official name I have given her) sent me this earlier in the week.
I wish I had time to make it.
For directions...go here.
I think peeps wreaths are the cutest idea.
Wonder if you could laquer them and then keep them longer.
Hmmm...could be fun.
Speaking of Peeps...this costume just cracks me up.
Ha.  Get it...cracks me up.

So I am trying to find a good picture of peeps in a jar.
And I have to say...I am not finding anything cuter than mine from last year.
I am also not finding my photo from last year:( 
I would scroll back through my blog to last year and find the photo...but I am way.to.tired.

So I am heading to bed.
Or maybe to check on my ipad smurf village that now has an Easter Bunny in it:)
Then to bed.
Or to ooh and ahh over the pair of pants I tried on today that I seriously need.
Maybe I need to treat myself after the 860 tee event:)


Lisa Stasch said...

Good luck with Zulily tomorrow. Will be buying for sure.
Buy the pants.. you, oh, so deserve them.

Happy Mami said...

Today will be fabulous!! Only 105,minutes until 9:00am.
Love the two-sided idea! And the Peeps, WW, Little Deer and all you do.
104 minutes now!