All's good in the hood

Did I just say "good in the hood"?  
I think I say that alot actually.
Mainly to reasure people that things are under control.
Which they are...always...why?  Because I am a control freak I think.
So here's the update.
Zulily was great.
Let me tell you...they are a fabulous company to work with.
SOOO friendly.
And organized.
And fabulous.
I loved them.

Then we had the "family science project".
Peyton had to do a science project and she entered us as a family.
I am not one to leave things until the last minute.
I HATE being rushed.
I do not thrive on stress.
Stress...stresses me.
I cannot function when I am stressed.
This is why I hardly ever get yelled at by customers.
Because I know my limits.
I don't like to stress other people either.
So as you can imagine...this job loss thing just doesn't really work for me at the moment;)
Whatever.  Back to the project.
We started it a month ago.
We were going to grow rock candy.
Different flavors.
Different colors.
9 jars.
This was 24 cups of sugar...boiled...etc.
Then it sat.

These sat for a week.
Nothing grew.
Noone touched them.
Nothing grew.
So...I made Steve redo them...in case I screwed something up.
Another week later.
Nothing grew.
50 cups of sugar later and NOTHING.
Because I had nothing else going on in the middle of this.
So...time to regroup.

What did Peyton and I do? We grew bacteria.
Mouth bacteria.
EWWWWW is right.
And after 2 full days of reporting and putting it together...the whole
flippin' thing went out the door to school this morning and wheeeee.
I can now concentrate on my horrid cold/sinus infection that has 
invaded my head for the last 2 weeks.

In case you were interested...mouth bacteria is totally disgusting...yet very interesting.
Yup...that is 6 days of bacterial growth from the mouth.
We did the mouth before tooth brushing.
Then with tooth brushing.
And then with brushing and mouth washing.
As you can imagine...the tooth brushing and mouth washing helped slloooooow down the rate of growth...but still...ewwwww.

And just for fun...I wanted to see if a dogs mouth is really cleaner than a humans 
(not that I really believed that it was).

Um...there is some funky monkey stuff growing in my Georgie's mouth.
I don't even wanna know what the black dot is.

Have I grossed you out enough yet?
Well...one more.  I just wanted to put a drop of hand sanitizer in the middle to see if it really helps keep the germs down and guess what...
The dot in the middle is the sanitizer.  
Clearly I will keep using it.

Ok...enough gross stuff.
Onto something cute.
I guess you can't tell what she is doing here.
How about this angle?
Her first time fishing.
This is the lake in our neighborhood.
Been here for 5 1/2 years now and this is the first time fishing.
Better late than never.
And better her than I.
She caught 10 slimy fish.
She loved it.

And then something sparkly.

All of the above can be found on my site here...including the slap watches:)

Off to press more shirts and take more pictures:)
Oh wait...I do actually have a few more for today.

Ok...that's all I got...for now:)


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Oh Lordy, I am dying over the cinderlla's coach tank.

HipMomma said...

Gross things are fun. My girls just did "Who's feet grow bacteria the fastest?" LOVE that soccer tee.

Eva said...

mouth bacteria..well, that makes me not wanna kiss anyone...ever..


Piril Maria said...

Couldn't ask for more anyway. Thank you =)