Shop announcement

Happy Friday!
Ok...so it is memorial day weekend.
And I am spent.
Wayyy spent.
So I am making some changes come fall.
I will slowly roll them out as I am ready.
They will be good. 
In the mean time...if you are a past blog reader of mine you may remember
that in July we escape the heat and head North to my homeland (aka...Calgary:)
It is a good thing.
Fresh air...and basically a breather for me.
Orders can still be placed at that time but please note that if you need something for this summer...order now, as after June 15th...all orders placed June 16th all the way 
through July will not ship until the first week in August.
Sorry...but I gotta do what I gotta do:)
And what I gotta do is sleep! Ha.

Ok...so since a post is boring without photos...lets see what I have for you.

Shirt by me...get it here.
Pants by zozobugbaby...get them here.

Alrighty...some more random cuteness


again...shirt by me...get it here
skirt by dancing freckle...good luck getting it here (tee hee Tracey).

Then...since a certain Country Cutie is starting up touring again...
she gets a certain sparkly tee:)

And in the event you would like the same tee...be prepared because it is soooo not cheap to make.

Now...for those of you that do not follow me on facebook...you probably don't know what 
my boys line will now be a branch of my girls line.
I want to grow the boys side and I don't want to confuse people with sparkles and stuff.
The very first item is a super soft tee that has my new boys logo.
I have it for boys from age 2-12 and then for dad's.
I also have a version for mom's that I bling just enough to make you sparkle still:)

I will have a new website (eventually...it is a looooong process) and it will have a boys section with fun new items.

BUT...for this weekend...I think we need to have a memorial sale and since there is still enough time to get your dad a tee...I will put them on special through Sunday:)
Trust me...there is not a dad that won't think this is a cute present from their kids:)
Plus...it is just the softest tee ever.
So get it here.


Anonymous said...

Peyton is beginning to resemble Giselle!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I'm glad you're going to get a break, Cristy!! Your girlies are gorgeous and I love the shirt for Taylor Swift!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find those striped pants? They look comfy!

Denise Pacurar said...

Lovin your blog and all the cute craft ideas! I am following! Follow me too!!


xoxo Denise

Warehouse sale said...

I love all the previous styles, they look good, awesome blog.