Today I am a rockstar lifeguard

Well...at least I feel like one with all the time spent beside a pool.
Bring on the green hair.
But...at least I look the part right?
Ahhh...what else did I accomplish this week?
Somewhere Ava is sportin a super cute pixelated heart tank
with a heart awareness ribbon on her back shoulder:)
Ya...I know what you are going to say "why wasn't this an option for 4th of July?"
And I am going to say..."uhhhh...I have no idea...because it took Ava's mom to come up with the blue/red heart version and I had no idea how cute it would turn out!" 
So there.   Of course...if you do want it for 4th of July...there is still time:)
Just order quickly!

The girls have been out of school for almost 3 weeks now I guess...and Lily Loo FINALLY
has a schools out for summer tank.
Better late than never.
If you need one of these...I have about 5 on hand ready to ship so you can have it quickly:)
I now know what I am wearing to the T Swizzle concert:)
So if you need another option for your Swift attire...you too can be sparkling in a Taylor 13
(her favorite number for those that are confused).
This could be on any tee or tank for ladies or kiddies.
You know the drill:)

Another new spin on the Carriage tee.
Cute huh.

An updated version of the Happy Mom.
And I leave you with our latest obsession.
lalaloopsy pencil toppers.
So. Stinkin. Cute.
Maybe too cute to actually take to school as chances of them making it back home...
probably not so good.


Happy Mami said...

Thanks for the update, I always miss you when you are away. We just found the LaLa pencil toppers this week, they are cute. Loving the new stuff!!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

That summer tank is awesome!

Katie Elizabeth said...

those shirts are so cute! really nice stuff :)

xo katie elizabeth