Feathers and Hickies...oh my

Today...we sneezed our way around the mall.
Just had to get out of the house.
So I figured why not spread our cold germs around the air conditioned mall.  
Yes.  I am that mom that took her contagious children to the mall.
What did we get?
Hair feathers.

I know I know...these have been around for awhile.
But I think they are kinda cool.
I wanted some myself but 
A. my hair is all one length and rediculously long so they would look stupid
B. I baffled the lady on my hair color...no joke.  I was not kidding when I said
my roots were 3 inches long. I may have lied...they may be worse.
Let's put it this way...the top part of my head is dark brown and the bottom 8 inches or so is
Ainsley's color.  Been to the salon much?  
So...no feathers for me.

But look how cute this chick looks.
 You can get her hair feathers in her etsy shop here.
I want some to play with.
I guess I could just get something temporary.
I used to have one of these when I was a kid.
I got it at the Calgary Stampede and we would clip them to the back of our cowboy hats.
I was looking for something similar last summer
...then I was going to make some for the girls
(ok...and me;)  
and now...look...they are back!
Get this one here.
I love etsy.
I don't think Stephen Tyler ever quit wearing them.
So that right there makes them cool.
So that was our day.

Oh and I also gave Lili loo a hickie by accident.
I was pretending to be mommy vampire.
It's ok.
She loves me:)
Just look at what was on her ipod last night.

I just found proof of my horrible hair color.
Ainsley took this photo last week after doing my hair for me.
I have no idea what that swirl thing is in my hair...but she gets an A for creativity.

You see. I wasn't lying about needing a trip to the salon.
Maybe in the fall. 


PumpkinsPetuniasGina said...

Hysterical Cristy! You always give me a good chuckle! We could have hung with you guys..we are pretty germy here too..but we have had strep! Yuck, cooties!

PumpkinsPetuniasGina said...

Hysterical!! You always give me a good chuckle Cristy! I love the Steven Tyler comment (very true!) & the accidental hicky. I was scared by the title of the blog entry & then quite relieved when I read that part. How cute is your girlie for having that on her phone?? Love that. We could have hung out we are germy here too, but we've had strep cooties, yuck!!! I am starting to get really bored...3rd day in bed with 103 temp! :(

KimD said...

Ohhhh....I see we go to the same salon:) xoxo