Well...for now I am back

I would like to report that at this very moment...I feel kinda...like myself.
The last week has been horrible.
Between Peyton and myself we were a disaster.
Today is the first day in over a week that I felt ok.
Peyton's hives have cleared up (thank GOD) ...sure she has a horrible cold now and I just
heard Ainsley sneeze twice in a row...but colds I can handle.
Head to toe hives...no thanks.
Dizziness, tummy ache and everything else that goes with those...see ya.
A box of tissue and some tylenol and we are all set.
So today I want to pretend like it is not 116 degrees out (even though it is and will be all week) and
I want to look at some things that make us all feel better.
Let's see what we can find.
With Peyton's birthday in a week, normally I would have a post about cute things I have found/planned/made for it...but since we have all been so sick, I honestly have no idea what I am doing.
All I know is that they are rollerskating.  Hopefully the rest will fall into place.

Ok...first...I think this beach towel blanket would be super cute to make and carry to and from the pool.
You can get the instructions from Martha here.
 How fabulous do these look.
I have this magazine...it is a good one.
Including an adorable party from Kim of TomKat Studios in there.

Now that my appetite is back (darnit on that one)...I need someone to make
me this because I still don't feel like cooking:)
Cornbread and Chili in a jar....recipe here.
 Speaking of food...I have been wanting one of these for a couple months.
Had I just ordered one online I would have it by now.
But nooo...I keep waiting to see one in a store somewhere.
Why?  No idea.
Zoku...you need to be at Target. Thank you.

Now onto summer wears.

I love hats.
Knit berets in the winter...straw/floppy/fedora/caps in the summer.
Covers my winkled forehead and my 3 inch long roots:)

Next...under the hat.
I will admit...I seem to not be big on brushing my hair these days.
No idea why. Maybe because my head hurt so much.
But I have also taken a liking to this Surf Spray from Bumble & Bumble.

Now something to wear without dying of heat.
I was in Old navy the other day and was pleasantly surprised with their maxi dresses.
Since I am a big fan of Ella Moss and Splendid clothes...mainly their stripes...
I was happy to see more stripes. Love me some stripes.  Can't have too many stripes.

And then to the feet.

I have to admit.  All winter my feet are in UGGS...all summer they are in havainanas.
There are no flip flops as comfy.
Apparently for once my timing was impeccable because a month or so ago Missoni did a
limited edition collaboration with Havainanas and guess who snagged a pair.

Sure I could probably turn around and sell them for $200+ on ebay...but why would I?
Look at how cute they are!
And they look good with my Princess Kate inspired Nail polish.
The color is No more Waity, Katie from Butter...and it makes me happy.

Ok.  So not gonna press my luck.
This is the longest I have been vertical in a week.
But I am back and I promise more fun finds.

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kim said...

Hi, I just found your site & love it! My sweet Natalie is going to need a blingy tank really soon!! Also I think I need a popsicle machine...how cool!