The flu...a full case of hives and just plain boredom

My last three days have included:
  • one kid with a super duper swollen face/eyes/lips
  • same kid with a tummy ache
  • one trip to the pediatrician
  • target pharmacy to get said steroids for puffy child
  • no sleep for me as I stare at puffy child
  • trip to the ER for puffy child
  • 2nd trip to target pharmacy for epi pen
  • still no sleep as I again stare all night at puffy child
  • sunday spent on the couch sleeping literally all day because
  • I also have a stomach bug and I feel like _ _ _ _

Oh this weekend sucked. 
I literally watched Disney Channel none stop all weekend because I was surrounded by
kids (one puffy and one bored) and I truly didn't care what was on tv.
(although I will say...A.N.T Farm, Shake it up, Kickin' it and Good Luck Charlie are all pretty hilarious shows...OH and Zeke and Luther...makes me laugh) but...
I just need the hives to go away.
And my tummy ache to go away.
Saturday morning was our last volleyball game of the season.
We are the coaches of Ainsley's team.
Steve is in Kentucky.
I was on the couch and unable to move.
Did I mention how much this weekend sucked?

Ok...enough whining.
I will say a very large prayer that Peyton's hives are not here in the morning.
I think they will be...but they have to leave eventually.
I hope.  Poor kid.

I did manage to make and ship some orders today.
In between my unconciousness.
If anyone that knows me THINKS they saw someone who looked like me yesterday at the pharmacy but they were frightened because I looked like I hadn't washed/brushed etc.  
It was in fact me...and I in fact hadn't.

Ok...down to business.
The cut off for GUARANTEED orders before we go on vacation in July was last week.
Sorry.  But I had to cut it off and now being so sick...I am glad I did.
You can still place orders...however everything that is ordered now will not start shipping until the first week in August.  And they will be filled in the order they were placed.  
So basically if you need something in August...
place your order now so I can get it to you starting August 1st.

Today was Father's day.
I wish my dad a very happy fathers day.
He is such a wonderful dad. 
I love him with all my heart.
And I wish my hubby a wonderful father's day.
He didn't get to spend it with his girls this year...but 
thanks to skype...he got to see them...kinda.

And I leave you with a couple pics:)
First...for the dad's
Thank you Natalie for posting this photo. I love it.

And then little Ella.
Her mom is Tracey from Dancing Freckle
and then...some beauties from the very talented (aka she does it all)
Julie at zozobugbaby
love these photos soooo much
tank from paperlili
skirt from ...dancing freckle

Thank you ladies!

Ok...I have been awake for an hour and a half...
my pillow and blankie are calling my sore body back to sleep.

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Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Is your girlie feeling better?? Sorry you had such a rough week - praying for you guys! Wish you lived closer, I'd totally help you out!