Today I heart...Australia!

Never been there...and being that a flight longer than a Friends episode makes me go all snakey...I probably will never go. Sad I know. But until they invent a legal tranquilizer that will knock me out for the 24 hour flight...I will have to visit Australia on the net. BUT...this is not a bad thing because seriously they have fabulous stuff!

Good thing that even though our dollar sucks right now...so does everyone elses, so the exchange rate works in our favor...for now!

First, Australian Etsy. Bettsy kingston makes super cute baby ruffle pants and dresses. Of course I don't have babies anymore...but someone does...and they may need some butt ruffles!

Next there is Mimoo another etsy seller. Mimoo makes cute simple blankets and kids items. Look at this fabric. I love that fabric. I need to find it and make a skirt or something out of it. The retro picture reminds me of the illustrations in kids books when I was little. Like I said before...if it reminds me of my happy childhood...I am sucked in instantly.

A couple weeks ago I came across a fairly new clothing brand called Two Belles for the girls and Tommy Rocket for the boys. And as far as I know, noone in the US sells it. So if you are a boutique owner...look into it. It was love at first site for me. This shirt that I posted, I had seen somewhere and needed it for whomever it would fit in my house. If I had to put it on the dog...I was gonna do it. So after a few googles searches I discovered Two Belles. And the site Where did you get that. So I ordered it, got it faster than most US retailers AND...it was better than I had expected. So soft...so different. I am thinking the Two Belles line is all about details. Little details that set it aside from everything else. Yes it is supposed to be 95 degrees here this week (blah) so not sure when we can wear this shirt...but it is big enough for next winter...and I can hardly wait!

There are a zillion more wonderful Australian finds...I will post those as I come across them...but this post would not be complete without a mention of the wonderful Sheye Rosemeyer. If you are not familiar with Sheye and all she encompasses...grab a box of kleenex and go enjoy her fairy flosslike photos and her journey that she has endured. I heart Sheye. She makes us all stop and appreciate every little thing our children do. Thank you Sheye.

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