Holy bad mood batman

Wow.  Today I am nasty.
I deserve to be sent to a private island (ahhhhh) all my myself.
Actually...I am even irritating MYSELF today.
Yup...that is possible.  
You know what I am doing?
I wear moccasins all the time and just the "shuffling" sound of 
my own feet make me wanna slap myself!

So this morning...I sent my girl off to school very upset.
This has in turn ruined my entire day.
I really hope it didn't ruin hers.
But I am going to venture to guess that she has not had a smooth one herself.
I was kinda at the end of my rope this morning.
If there is anything in this world that I detest...it is being late.
My dad is responsible for this. 
When he was ready to go...everyone had like 15 seconds to be ready or...
I am not sure or what would happen. 
I was just never late.
So...it is my destiny to raise my children to be like that.
Early birds.
However...my husbands "lingering" attitude is weighing them down.
So the mix is one kid that is always bouncy and ready to go...and a lolligagger.

This is my lolligagger.
(with her henna art from art class yesterday)

I wake my kids up an hour and a half before school to give them plenty of time to get ready.
Today...the big chick ran outta time.
She ran outtta time to put her contacts in
..the contacts that she now loves.
So she went off to school with her glasses 
and tears in her eyes 
and an irritated mom because...well...I give her plenty of time to do everything.

You see...I am annoying myself all over again.

I stopped myself from going to school 6 times today just to give her a hug.
I love her so.
She is such a good easy kid.
She is just slow.
As molasses.
It irks me.
I am hoping this mornings debacle will make her speedy quick tomorrow.
But...I doubt it. 
Such trivial things.
Can you say hormonal (me).

But check out that henna art!
She came home and told me it was sharpie.
I didn't fall for it.

I get to hug her in an hour.
I am such a sucker.
But I need a hug.

Speaking of that...check out what my super sweet customer Connie sent me!
Out of the blue....for no reason!
Ahhhh...so sweet.
Thank you Connie!

And then check out these pillows that Jordon ordered.
I hope she loves them...I know I do.
I really need to restock my pillows.  
Honestly...I forget these things. 
I am ordering stuff all the time 
and then I forget about something else.
I have meant to do another batch of pillows for 2 weeks now.
I am off to do it now...so if there is a particular color you would like to see
...let me know or forever hold your peace.


Khris said...

I'm pretty sure she'll put in her contacts first from now on. lol It would ruin my day to have to walk around in my glasses all day - it's happened a couple of times when the kids have given me pink eye.

But ya know - your girl will be just fine b/c you are an incredible mom the other 99.9% of the time. Lesson learned. She looks awfully cute in her glasses anyway.

BTW - people who know me well tell me I have to be places 15 minutes before I actually need to be there. ;) And my dad was like your dad! This apple fell far from the tree.

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Crsity I feel for you. My Son Dylan is so slow and hard to get up. Drives me crazy! I've been so annoyed with him over this same issue and he has yet to hate me for it. Ive learned that I just have to pick my battles and not fight him over this, since this is who he is and I love him to death.

You're an amazing mother and trust me I think it shows in all your pics and post just how much your kids love and appreciate you. ((hugs))


Happy Mami said...

Those littles are resilient. You, on the other hand, are the momma bear. Do not be so hard on yourself. What you did is not wrong, I am always early too and my children are aware of that expectation. It does not come as a surprise. And I bet she forgot about it as soon as one of her friends told her how cute she looked in her glasses.
Take care.

Natalie T. said...

What a pretty little lolligagger! I've had those days too!

Lisa said...

We all have those days. I hate when I have had to yell at my kids as they are leaving...over nothing really important. I forgot my sons snack and thought of it at lunch time, on my way to a drs appt. I felt awful, all because I had to add sending lunch money into the mix this morning!

Tomorrows a new day!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Big hugs, mama.