Wordless wednesday...kinda

I have a problem.
Ainsley's birthday is on Sunday.
I don't have anything planned.
Can you say sucky mom?
See...you probably think I am a good mom (or maybe you don't?)
But I really have nothing planned.
Truth be told...I don't usually plan much.
It always comes together in the end.
This year was going to be a big fun shindig with her buddies.
Then life got in the way.
Or...current events I guess.
Thus...things got pushed to the back burner and now I've got nothing.

This is not entirely true.
A last minute etsy purchase (after a helpful hint from Bridgette) hopefully will take 
care of the cake and such.

Then I have this little diddy on it's way from Courtney Courtney.
My original plan was to redo her room.
I have not painted a single thing since we moved last May.
Now that I have no idea if we will have to move somewhere for a job...
I am not touching anything.  

I had big plans:(
But I do have this...

Yup.  A giant ice cream cone and a blankie:)
Random I know.
Good thing she is only 8.
OOOO...and this.
What is it you ask?
Why it is a giant cupcake chalkboard:)

And I got her something that I never had as a kid (can you believe it!)

Although...I kinda think maybe my sister had one.
Why don't I remember this? I remember everything.
Anywho...I literally drew a blank while walking the aisles at Target...so...
she is getting something that she has never even asked for.

Hmmm...can you see a food theme here?
Clearly I was hungry while shopping.
Hungry for either giant food or miniature?
Go figure.

So I guess the moral of the story is that this birthday may be coming together after all.
Perhaps I need to get some decorations???

So I leave you with this.
The views from my desk in the morning.
This one was yesterday:
And this was my view today...which is becoming more and more common around here:)
Rolf Bleu bracelets available here...and her collection will be 
growing soon as I will have new ones in the shop this week.


Happy Mami said...

First, you are an awesome mommy!! Love your choices for your baby girl, Isabella loves her Easy Bake Oven!! And you know I am enamored with the blanket. I actually thought about having a blanket made with Isabella's bling pieces once she outgrows them, but I love passing them on to others to see their happy faces.
Hope the birthday weekend is wonderful for all of you!!!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the icrecream cone lamp?