Fun New Finds!

I just finished listing some super cute new items that I loved...so I assume everyone will.
Hmmm...nice thought process huh.
Never the less...who can resist a pom pom.
These are so cute. 
Kids will find a million places to clip them to.
or...how about this purse clip...to which I have already taken one for my purse
(as pictured:)
Or a Friends Forever headband with rhinestones?
How about a super cute apron?
Or a funky leather bracelet.
I love all of these new finds...which you can check out here if love them too.
That's all.  More quirky things will pop up this week.
Why? Because I am in a very quirky mood so there you have it:)

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Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE those bracelets!