Is it still spring break?

So the kids are off school this week.
The hubs is still home.
I still have tons of work.
I am tee-red.
It was 91 degrees out today...
good thing my mom and dad heat their pool so the kids have a way to cool off.
Tuesday we went to the zoo.
The animals were very cooperative.

So, I need school to be back in session.
And I need hubby to get a job please.
Because I need to work.
Right now...I am a chicken without a head.
I wake up...press shirts...package shirts...ship shirts...entertain family members...return home...make shirts...etc etc etc...and repeat.
Chicken...no head. 
I think what is throwing me off is the addition of the big dude here.
I have my system down pat when it is just the girls and I.
They are not the demanding ones.
They do not need to be entertained 24/7.
The big dude...I need him to quit asking me, "what are we doing today?"
(and I know he is reading this)
Well...here is the answer, "I am working!"
The girls will be fed and exercised at some point...no worries...it all works out.

Alright...time to look at cute spring stuff.
It is already quite warm here and well...I ditched half of my closet
(literally...pitched it into bags and gave it all to a friend).
I feel better. 
I did each of the girls closets as well.
Pack away winter...and onto summer. We always seem to skip spring here.
It goes from 60 degrees to 90.
The good thing about summer clothes are that they take up way less room than sweaters and jackets huh.
So here are fun springy finds that I would like in my closet.
My clean closet.

The maxi dress...because I like to hide in dresses:)

Cute shorts...although these might be a little short for me...not sure.
 I LOOOOVE this skirt.
Again. I like to hide in long skirts and dresses.
Swimwear..unfortunately...we all need it so we might as well look as cute as possible:)

and of course...a cute pair of sandals
Born always make your feet swoon so I am going to guess these are like
wedge slippers

Ok...I am off to try this It's a 10 combo in my hair as my last lightening left me a tad
broomstick-ish...so here's to deep conditioning.
I have done a little research and apparently the two together make a great mask.
I will let you know if they help.


Lori said...

Oh I can relate with hubby home. He wants to be right by my side and hug and squeeze me while I work. Can we help it that we are so gorgeous these guys can't keep away?
I getcha girl!

Happy Mami said...

Love the zoo shots!! I shared the giraffe with you know whoooooo. She loved it and noted that he looks so much like her art show piece.
Glad spring break was some fun.
Take care.

Cindy said...

Amazing zoo pictures. What camera and lens did you use?