As soon as the sun goes down...

The strangest thing is happening to me.
My eyes are getting bad.
Like..."need to hold the medicine bottle 2 feet from my face to read it" bad.
Don't get me wrong...my eyes are terrible to begin with.
-7.75 bad.
Oooo ya.
But now they are kinda blurry/fuzzy/annoying.
We knew that would happen staring at 2 and 3mm rhinestones for years.
I am fine in good light during the day.
It is when the sun goes down that it is starting to be a challenge.
Perhaps this is my bodies way of telling me I need to stop working until 10 pm every night.

Whatever.  No worries.  I do what I do yo yo.
I don't really have much new to tell you.
Tomorrow...when the sun comes back up, I can take a couple Easter Tee pictures.
Also...I wanted to share some cute hair pom poms that I stocked this week.
You can get them here....lots of colors to choose from.

Here is what you do with them.
So check out the colors.
The red/white/blue is PERFECT for 4th of July.
And the lime/pink is my favorite.
Ainsley wanted to wear all of them...she was not impressed when I told her they were for the shop.
Tough luck kid:)

Now, you know this pattern
...I think it needs to be done for dance and gymnastics and what else?
If you have an idea...let me know.
But peace, love, dance is cute yes?
oh my...someone was sitting at my desk while I was taking photos tonight.
Nut ball.

Is it just me or is the Universe sending out some crazy bad vibes so far this year.
I know so many people that are having horrible things going wrong.
What is up with this?
We need to turn this around.
So far...I hate 2011.  
And since the Mayan calendar says 2012 we are all donzo...2011 should be fun no?
Hahahah.  Terrible.
No, I do not believe the world is going to self implode in 2012...at least I hope it isn't.
That would be a shame...and I never got to go to Atlantis (my dream vaca).

So my head is hurting.
I had a couple sugar free chocolates and my tummy is now revolting against the rest of my body.
I think I am calling it a night.

Or my ipad and I are heading to bed.  
If you are bored...send my smurf village something cute like a heart bush please:)


Anonymous said...

I'm sucked into Smurf Village too...it's crazy. I'll send u a gift, where will I find you on there?

Happy Mami said...

I go to the eye doctor tomorrow, my time has come. My arms keep getting shorter. Our entire household will be sporting glasses in the next two weeks. Isabella has 20/100 vision, poor little thing, but we knew that. And Carlos was found to be near-sighted last week.
Your girls are darling in every picture!! I always smile when I see them.