Spring is in the air

It was 78 degrees here today.
Not in my office.  My office remains pretty dark actually.
But when I venture outside, I am always pleasantly surprised by how lovely it is.
Then I crawl like a mole back into my office...and put on a sweater and I am still cold.
Because...I am always cold.  Always.
This is why I actually don't mind the Az summers.  
Because it takes 110 degrees to finally warm me up.

So in the event that you live somewhere and you truly have a reason to be frozen.
(unlike me...I will quit complaining now)
Here are some spring pretties to let you know that there IS a light at the end of the frigid cold tunnel.

 love these wedges from Anthropologie.

Free People never lets me down.

And in the event that you are heading somewhere to unthaw soon...
you may need a new swim suit.
Courtney sent me this link not long ago and all I can say is wow.
I have not seen suits like these in a long time.
Where have I been? 
They even have kids suits.
Ok.  Time to take my advil and soak my arm in Icy Hot (did I mention my icy hot addiction?).
My little combo seems to stop my arm pain and see me through to about 2 or 3 am.
Good enough for me at this point.
I'll take it.


And once again...thank you to all my well wishers.
You guys rock.
And to my anonymous commenter who's husband lost his job this week.
My heart is with you.  It sucks chickie. But you are not alone.
Once you pick yourself up off the floor from the shock of it...
you will realize that the world is not ending.
You may even appreciate your new in house personal chef:)
This morning...I had a lovely egg combo breakfast delivered right to my desk.

You may also notice that I redid the blog a little.
I just wanted a change...this was not the change I meant...but since I had no idea what
I wanted it to look like...I was too deep in and lost interest.
Sad but true.  So...it may be changing again in the next couple days.
But I did start my list of stuff I like to read.
I don't have much time to surf the web but it helps when all my favorites are listed to the side.
I will add more tomorrow.  In the mean time...check them out and if you have a fabulous blog
or anything that gives you inspiration on the web...let me know in the comments.
You know what I like.


Betsy King said...

oooooh, your blog is so pretty!!!!

Pamela said...

I love the color!! It makes for a cheery afternoon when it is cold, dreary and rainy here in MI. Loved your HOC scarf in the auction for Val...very cool!

Anonymous said...

Love the changes! And thanks for the job loss shout out. I was shocked and then angry and then didn't feel like I could breathe for a day. But you are right... life goes on. No meals cooked for me yet... but the kids are enjoying having their dad around now that he is not working night and day. I know I am not off the roller coaster of emotions as we try to secure the next job, prepare for a most probable move... I am preparing for our next adventure. Hopefully sooner rather than later we will know something.

Anonymous said...

Like the new look, the background is great, and I like the style of the font however the font is difficult to read. Is it possible to darken the colour of the font?