If I was to throw a Valentine's party

The invites would look like these:

or these from TomKat Studios
Or maybe these from Tiny Prints
the decorations would look include stuff like this

and these
and these
the food would include these

(which I will have one anyways because I have not had a cupcake in about 3 months!)

or these
 they would not include these:(  Because there is not a hope of me making them and well...
Bakerella doesn't ship:(
Oh how I wish she shipped...but can you imagine the wait list!

and mmmm...yummy

and honestly...if this was sitting on my desk I would eat up all cookie monster style...no joke
Ok. I will be back tomorrow with my Valentine gift finds for
annnnd WOMEN!


Tracey said...

Love the music!!! :) Love reading your blogs as well!!!

Lil said...

Your killing me already.
I haven't eaten a bite today.
Why must i come here?

Lil said...

Your killing me with all the sweet stuff.
I am starving now! LOL

Julie said...

I love bakerella stuff almost as much as my paperlili!!

kimd said...

and I would so be on a plane...if you were to throw a party:)