I want these...really really badly

I am drawn to color.
I try and try to ease up.
I can't.  I love it.  Every color.  The brighter the better.

I want these.
But I want the wall case to put them in...and then, much like a couple barbies that are too good to take out of the boxes...I don't want anyone to touch them.
I just want to hang them in my "office" and stare at them.
They are like art to me.

Lets hope someone else, closer...and less expensive, comes up with a similar plan as I am afraid my husband would think I was nuts to spend this much on colored pencils.

I still want them though.
Felissimo Pencils.  Love them.


Anonymous said...

oh how i love colour! I need to order those.

have you seen these needls?
I just ordered them for my knitting fingers. : )


Anonymous said...

Ohhh I think it looks so cool! I wish I had a "clean" enough room to display something like that though so that the true awesomeness stood out :P

Tiffany L. said...

So...with shipping, these are about 242.98 which does seem a little excessive for pencils, but not so bad for wall art ;). (Our oldest goes to a Waldorf school and they use Lyra pencils which are over $2.00 each - you get 500 with these - what a deal, lol!!)