Pictures make my day

I don't think I can explain to you how I love to get happy customer notes.
Or photos.  Or anything really.
For so many reasons.
I love the fact that people want one of my tees for their daughters 4th birthday.
Or first day of school...or Easter...or anyday really.
Those are important days!  And I so so SO love being a part of that.
Then to take the time to send ME a photo of the event...or to write a note telling me
that you loved your purchase.  It means the world to me.
It really really does.
So please, keep the pictures coming. 
And PLEASE post them on the facebook fan page.
Yesterday I got this picture of the beautiful Juliette.
I love every single part of these pictures...right down to her rainbow colored braces.
Kirsty is her mom.  Kirsty is  a photographer in Southern California.
(click her name to go to her site)
Juliette and Kirsty made my day.
Thank you girls:)

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