Do your kids rock?

Ok...so it is that time again...Limited Edition Sweatshirts.
Why?  Because it is 80 degrees out and I cannot fathom stocking a ton of fleece right now...so I just have limited stock.
I also have a handful of black sweatshirts that I have not listed yet. So if ya want one...email me and I will let you know if I have it in stock.  Currently I have black small through xl.
see them here
Then I have a handful of tanks.
The problem is that I have NO idea what my train
of thought was when I was printing these.
For some reason I only did sizes 8,10 &12.

I think I was just trying them out to see what they would look like on tanks.  Sigh.  It is official.  I am losing my mind:)
Click for the tanks


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Anonymous said...

Those realy are the best fleece! I love mine; so comfy and warm.