This week I have...

Here is what I NEED to accomplish this week

  • sell my house
  • buy a new house
  • dog sitting for my mom and dad's two pups
  • lili loo's birthday on sat
  • my roommate from college will be here for spring training and I need to fit in a visit with her
here is what I did accomplish so far
  • a visit with one of my best friends since kindergarten
  • hmmm...brushed my teeth (does that count?)
  • oh yes...AND...I have new boys tees in the shop:)

 And in case you wanted to see what the Birthday Girl looks like on a tank...here ya go
or a pink kindergarten rocks?

But more importantly...I need help.
I need to make a birthday cake on Sat.
We have no real theme...so anything can work really.
Please give me your pick in the comments.

First...we have the cupcake cake
Personally I am almost over cupcakes
It had to happen.
But the cake is still cute, although I have seen it done 1,000,000 times.

or...the oreo cookie cake is pretty darn cute

I however am a tad partial I think to the donut cake.
Donuts may be the dessert of the new decade.
Cupcakes were soooo 2000.
You watch. Donuts will be 2010.

Plus it has rainbow sprinkles...'nuf said.

I think I need to make a donut tee.

Yup. Sure do.


Anonymous said...

Love the new boys tees so much on grey!
xo Robin

Anonymous said...

**clutches pearls**
You are NOT over cupcakes?! It just can't be true.

I need another baby boy for those tee's. : )


Melissa said...

Thanks for the getting the birthday tank out to me so fast!! It's adorable in the white tank...so excited to get it.

Anonymous said...

I thought I really like the oreo cake....then I scrolled down to the donut cake....*gasp*
how totally cool!! I have never seen those! I love it!! Flippin awesome. I vote that one. And like you said-it has rainbow sprinkles....lots of them. Nuff said. :D

Amy@thosefunnylittlegirls said...

donut cake..love it!

melissanh74 said...

Horse Cake would be cute?!!!

With the name 'bill' on it! LOL! You should know who I am now?!!