Come on in...the water's fine

Ahhh...90 degree water.
85 degree day.
Tired...pale bodies.
They still have tennis this afternoon.
Welcome Spring.


Anonymous said...

Is it normal to have the water at 90? My husband is not allowed to touch the water heater. I keep ours at 80! I would go colder if my kids would let me. : )


paperlili said...

April April...are you cray-zay? I will not put my toes in there unless it is 90. In the summer I LOVE it when it heats up to 95. I hate cold water. I remember thinking when Peyton was on the swimming team at the ymca...it was cruel to keep the water at 83 lol.

Yes. I am a very big wimp. Whatevs:)

Anonymous said...

Crazy in the good way. I promise. lol
I love jumping in cold water on a hot summer day.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Love the Liberty of London suits!!