This week...in pictures

Where have I been?
Cleaning house.
Spring cleaning.
Wishful cleaning.
And pulling weeds.
I am in a weird mood actually.
I think I am just tired. I haven't felt great all week.
I have alot going on and I think I am just a tad rundownoverwhelmedandsupertired.
Look...at least my kitchen is clean.
Aren't those window coverings horrendous?
They were here when we moved in 5 years ago.
I hate them...but I hate more the holes that are probably in the walls anchoring them up lol.
I also managed to toss half of what was in the playroom.

It is literally just seconds before THEY notice.
I am not a good liar either.
I am too tired to lie.  So they ask...and I tell them "uh...gone".
They don't know what to do with that info. Ha.
What a mean mom.
I also tossed alot from their rooms.
I tell you...I was on a cleaning MISSION.

Isn't that the best bed?  Tempurpedic mattress as well.
No wonder she sleeps so well.

Bet you didn't think you would get a tour today did ya?
Well since I am on a roll.
Here is my greatest idea ever.  I took out the sliding closet doors that come in all 
Arizona track homes and hung up curtains.

I did it in both of their rooms.
Cute huh?  You totally wanna do it now don't you?
Alright.  Enough of the tour. 
Really...not sure why I started posting that.
I told you I was feeling strange.
Hmm...ok..here is something I find very cool.
I love all the funky collaborations major designers are doing with major labels. 
If only I was a cool hippie surfer chick living somewhere cool and hippie I would be ALL

I love those colors. Very beachy and soothing no?
I wanna be that chick.
I'm not though.
But...here is a hair update...even though most of you told me not to do the bangs thing.
I got talked into it again.
New hair girl...and she was very cute and funky and she gave me a
REALLY good hair cut.
Look...I am even wearing one of my own shirts!
Well.  This blog post has been a whole lot of nothing hasn't it.
Since that seems to be my theme today...I will leave you with a couple pics of our flat Stanley project
that my nephew Bennett from Calgary sent us.
Flat Stanley was supposed to have a vacation in the Desert and we were to document it.
First Stanley bounced on the trampoline.
 Then girls made him some clothes.
He seems to be a little clumsy though as he was hiking and fell into a cactus.
Then Stanley wanted to lay by the pool.

Apparently Stanley need a little sunscreen because he got a little burnt.

No worries.  He is fine...all tucked into bed and ready for more fun tomorrow.
Bunny slippers and all.
Wonder what obscure stuff I will post tomorrow.
I promise to get back to regular posting.
It was a super long week but I have control of it and I am back now!


Anonymous said...

I loved this post! Loved all the flat stanly pictures....too cute! We did one of those for a friend also, but werent near as creative :D
Also totally love your kitchen-soooo clean, and love the cool chandelier! And I want to sleep in your daughters bed! Oh and I really like your bangs, I think you look great!

Shannon said...

Don't you just love a clean house?! I miss that feeling! You have a GREAT house BTW!
I think you need a shirt with:
on it too.
Great hair cut, great home, great post!

Paperwhite Designs said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!! Carry on....

Anonymous said...

Love the chandelier, I just bought one for my 10 year olds bedroom last week at WPPI in Vegas!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Love the bangs, love the house, really love the chandelier

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this post!!
Thanks for sharing such great photo's of your home.

Im so happy to see the chandelier hanging!! It's gorgeous.

Someone really needs to send flat Stanley to me. I love that little guy.