So I just wrote a hugely long blog post and accidently closed it before posting.
Which means two things.
1. this one will not have many words lol
2. I am beyond exhausted
So basically the party is done...my chick is 7 :( and my house is now back to showhomeyness shape.
Because I just KNOW you want a recap of the days fesitivities (right?) so I will give it to you...in pics
First.  The invite.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about the icing girls.
So talented.
From the drawins to the glitter to the customer service.
Please also know that I am so tired...I cannot even dream of editing the pics. So these are going to be straight from camera.  Sorry.  I make tees for a living lol.

Now...the decor.  I wasn't really going to do an Alice theme...but I loved the invite so much...it somewhat creeped into the rest of the party.  Sorta.

Toss in some goody bags...or as we call it in Canada...Loot bags
I got alot of it from Smeeks...a super fun store in Phoenix.
What else.  Oh...maybe the birthday girl...ha

My prediction is that our 8th birthday picture will include some sort of metal wire across those bad boys:)
Now we have the cake.
Yup.  I went with the donut.
It was good.

Toss in an activity
Tons of presents...and voila...a good day was had.
My favorite present.
The American Girl camper.
I know their stuff is a fortune...but in the right hands...it could last forever.
And the camper is 2010's version of the 1979 barbie rv that I cherished forever.
Still have it.  It is at my mom and dad's house.
Good times.
Phew.  Back to normalcy.


Natalie said...

everything looks great! I love the invites, so cute!

cool skates.

gey some rest:)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazing!
Love it all. : )


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

What a fun party! Looks like you did a fabulous job! Happy Birthday, Ainsley!!!

Angel said...

What a beautifully fun party! Oh, Gracie got the camper for her birthday in January. Yes, I know she's 4 but I really wanted it! LOL We love it!

Tiffany L. said...

Question...did you follow the recipe through William Sonoma??...and if so, did your cake taste like really sweet cornbread, lol? (I'm about to make the glaze, maybe the chocolateness will take away that taste :).)

paperlili said...

Tiffany, I actually made the cake out of a Betty Crocker cake. But I did do the icing from the Donut Cake recipe...and the icing was gooooood. Yum.