Baby Chipmunk...awwww

So last night my husband yells from outside "cristy...come here...quick"...and tone he saves for these moments usually means..."yikes...bring your camera".  In the past this tone has been saved for snakes...scorpions or anything else creepy and crawly that may be located somewhere around our home.
Last night...it was this little dude that he had just pulled out of the pool.
He was barely hanging on.
We had no idea what to do.
Steve blew air into his nose.  
His little tummy was going up and down...slowly.  
He was not moving.
Then he started making the craziest noises.
Calling his mum I think.
So sad.
A couple minutes later he lifted his head.
Then plopped back down.
Steve covered him with a blanket and put a basket over him to protect him from some hungry monster.
The girls kept wanting to check on him all night.  I was so scared what they might find.
This morning we went to look and he had burrowed himself a little tunnel in some leaves.
This afternoon I went out again and he was lying motionless on his side.
I started to cry.
I stroked his tiny little head.
He JUMPED up and started to walk around.
It was crazy.
We put him in a box and took him over to a wash where there were other chipmunks and he jumped out...ran up some boulders and he is now back home with his fellow bushy tails.
Is that not the cutest thing ever!


Anonymous said...

So cute...but I have to tell you. I walked into the family room one day, and a little critter that looked just like that one you found, was sitting up on his hind-legs watching Oprah. Scared the beans out of me. Then shortly after that one of his relatives found his way into our attic crawl space and chewed through the water line to our icemaker...and flooded the kitchen and caved in the drywall in the ceiling. Your cute little dude is better off at the wash with his chums :) But still...awwwwww.
xo Robin

Anonymous said...

Holy cats! That's an amazing story!! You guys rock!!!!!


Betsy King

Anonymous said...

Awww...it's like your 'almost' out in the country, right?!! LOL! Pioneer Woman WATCH OUT!!!!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute!!
I guffawed at your story, Robin.


Jenni Renee said...

so cute. you are amazing from everything you did for that little guy.