Flat Stanley was a hit!

So apparently everyone likes flat Stanley.
Especially his sun burn.
Poor little dude.
Today he played tennis.

Tomorrow he goes home to Bennett.
To bad really...since it is supposed to be 85 degrees here tomorrow.
My mom and dad turned on the heater in their pool.
It is at 90 degrees.
The girls wanna swim in the morning.
We are on spring break right now...so swimming it is.
Gotta try out our new Liberty for Target suits.
Did you see the Liberty stuff today?
I kinda forgot they were rolling it all out today and I think I got there
just at the right time.  It was already picked over.
I am loving it though.

What else do I have.
Oh yes.  I wanted to share another pic with you.
Since my daughters bed was such a hit...here is the matching armoire.
It is so gigantic and heavy...it cannot actually make it around the corner into their rooms
so it is in the play room...stocked with paperlili inventory actually.

Trust me when I say it takes 4 very large men to move it.  It is SO so heavy.
Ok...what else do I have.
Lately I have been cruising the net a little looking for new inspiration.
Just new pretty stuff to look at.
There is alot out there.
So I thought I would share some of my new finds.
So for tonight...here is a new one to add to your blog roll.
Maybe you already know her.
I just recently discovered her and seriously...I read her blog and find myself
with the goofiest grin on my face.
I love quirkly colorful people.
I bet you she is never in a bad mood.
I wanna be fun and quirky like her.


Gina Kramp said...

oh my gosh...this blog made me smile HUGE!!! thanks for sharing it, def. one to read on a crappy kind of day!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Um...if you ever get sick of that PBK daisy chandeleir, send it on over! ; )