More new stuff

Honestly...I have more new designs than I know what to do with.
I am going crazy. And I cannot focus.
So I will roll these out slowly in order of importance.
Plus...I am just not ready for it all at once lol.
Here are a couple for today.
Yes...I promise there is time to get your Easter tee.
and what about a little tee for your toothless wonder?
I like this one.  I apparently am not one to shy away from the bling.
It is so funny to me...I was never a big rhinestone gal.
I was an embelishment sorta girl...but I never considered myself a rhinestone girl.
And yet...I find I will bling anything these days.
Wouldn't you think that I would be sick of rhinestones?
Nope.  I will see a shirt at old navy and instantly think
how much cuter it would be with a little bling bling.
Sigh.  My name is Cristy...and I am an blinging addict.

and a new legging just for the heck of it

oh yes...and I forgot.  I changed the pink on the cupcake leggings.
And added some sprinkles.
Because everything looks better with sprinkles:)

you can check out these new goods 


Anonymous said...

Consider this a cyber knuckle-bump! Love it all!
xo Robin

Anonymous said...

I love the new designs...especially the peeps one. I can't tell you how much my little girls love their cupcake expert tanks. They literally think they ARE experts. Since it's getting hot, do you have any tank tops on the creative horizon?