Courtney Courtney...and my 500th post

WHAT?  My 500th post.  Is that possible?
Blogger says so.
Blogger wouldn't lie to me.
If starbucks was nearby...I would celebrate with a green tea frappy:)
Good thing it is a 13 1/2 minute drive (yes...I have timed it)

So yesterday, it was such a lovely day that I thought I would try to snap a few pics.
My camera has been getting rusty on my shelf these days.
And since in 3 weeks this Courtney Courtney #6 dress will be outdated for us, I thought
we could photograph it while we still love it.
She may just love it enough to wear it after the big day.
In the event that she doesn't...no worries...we have the #7 all ready to go.
But the #6 is just that comfortable...and truly...she doesn't really care what number is on it.
If we decide to sell the #6...I will let you know. 
I cannot make any promises though.
Look at those teeth...eyeyey.


Rachel T. said...

A. I love the pics...she's a cutie and I love the missing teeth!
B. If you do decide to sell it, I think it should be to me since I'm the first poster and since my little one will be 6 in Oct...we'll get lots of use out of it.
C. I haven't scored a courtney courtney original yet. Have 1 off the market, so feel bad for me.

Rachel T. said...

Oh and D.
I first learned about courtney courtney through your blog. So, I hold you fully responsible for all of this obsessive stalking I do to all these fabulous clothing sites. (Is any of this working or do I just sound desperate? Yup, that's what I was thinking, too).

Anonymous said...

Super cute pics and ADORABLE little girl and man, I NEED that dress! Ha! But it looks like I'm too late... bummer....

Barbarann said...

My daughter is turning 7 next month--would love to know what you have up your sleeve--I just checked out Courtney Courtney and it looks like she is ll sold out??? Would LOVE something like the #6 dress with a #7 on it!!! You find the best stuff--Where should I look??

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to come in and tell you I got my first CC dress off facebook! And I cannot wait to give it to my best friends daughter as a gift! So excited.
We've known each other since pre-school and she and I both love CC.