If you have a one year old...you need to call in sick to work tomorrow:)

How good is Courtney Courtney?
I know you all know of her.
Her quality is unmatchable.
Her combos are beyond adorable.
She is fantastic.
And if you have a one year old chick...you need to stalk her shop tomorrow for this

Look familiar?  I want to see the back though. I wonder what the green is on the back.
Oh I love it.
I need to reprint the girls kapow tees.
I need to figure out the colors though.
Do I do the bright pink again?
Probably.  It was good. 

Know what else I love?
This little number that came in the mail today.
Oh I KNOW people were upset they missed out on this one.
I had the obnoxious flourescent pink thermal here...and one glittle girls tee left.
The rest I left up to courtney.
See the orange peeking out from the back. 
Oh you just wait...you will never guess what that is.
I will take a picture tomorrow.

Another Courtney/Paperlili combo recently was this one.

Oh I love them all.


HipMomma said...

Oh my, those are so cute. That'll be one lucky person who gets to click the buy button first.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

um...i have a crush on the glitter girls glam dress, especially since leila destroyed her ggg shirt!

Brandie said...

My wee one is wearing her Santa, Reindeer, Presents, Oh My, shirt today. She loves it! I have upcyled other tees before, don't know why it never occured to me to do it with her Paperlili. Hmmm....now my creative juices are flowing;)