Hello Stress...

Its a good thing after this week that I still have my sense of humor.
First...let me just say that I am not usually a stressball.
I don't freak out.
I blame it on my slow reflexes.  Ha.
This week started with issues and has ended with two big dings in my car door from my wonderful 
trip to Wallyworld this morning.  Man I hate Walmart.  Hate it.
My hatred for it was totally sealed 7 years ago when I was super preggos and had a major
blood sugar low while waiting in the checkout line.
I passed out.
The cashier kept scanning my stuff.  I remember her looking over the edge of the counter at me.
She did not say a word.  Just kept scanning.
Then I crawled to the beverage fridge there that they have the checkouts.
I was still lying down...on the floor...in walmart.
I opened a coke to get some quick sugar.
It was then that she said, "ma'am...you cannot take a drink until you pay for that."
Deep breathes.
Anyways.  Today I was reminded of my hatred for it.
I have a jam packed weekend though.
I am afraid my stress level has not hit its peak yet.
Is it a bad thing that I was watching my dog...and my moms dog tug-o-waring and
I thought...that looks like a good stress reliever.

Sigh.  Deep breathes.  The dogs have been pretty funny actually.  Small house.  4 dogs...lots of chasing.  My kids have loved it.  The mail lady has not.

So check these out.  They are "nose cups" that I bought at Homegoods one day.
I have seen them before on the Fred Flare website.

So funny.
This one was exceptionally funny.  
You may or may not notice something familiar on this one.

NOW...she looks like me:)


Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Those cups are great!

That is one of the WORST walmart stories I've heard and I've heard/experienced some doozies. Hate that place!

Anonymous said...

OMG, you had an LBSFO (Low Blood Sugar Freak Out) at Wal Mart? OMG, how are you not having PTSS flashbacks whenever you are in a check out lane? That story is awful and hilarious all at once. "Maam...you can't drink that until you pay for it...." Oh my....

Love this post. I've had a stressful week too, so hopefully it all chills out.


Anonymous said...

Im so agry for you! I despise WalMart!! I will not go into that store. I can't believe how they treat customers and their employee's!
I think i would have throat punched that lady if she said that to me. Gah.. see how mad they make me. lol


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Eww - I hate Walmart too, and I hate that cashier from seven years ago. Gross.

We had those cups too (bought at Marshalls) and used them for an after Wine Festival party. Drunken good times! : )