Easter love...

Easter is just around the corner.
Check out these super cute easter finds.

(I have one of these...they wash up sooo well I love them)

How cool is this?  Tie Dye egg kit!

Ok...you can't actually eat these...but you can buy a super pretty picture of them.
I have never had a macaroons before...but they seem to be popping up all over the place 
and I love the colors.

Don't you feel like sometimes Martha Stewart owns all the holidays?
I am not saying it like it is a bad thing.  
It is a good thing actually.  
I love Martha and her glitter.
My dream is to have every shade of glitter she makes.
Why?  So I can look at it...why not?

These are really quite beautiful.
If you want to make them.  Go here.

 And since Easter is not Easter without a fabulous new dress.
I highly recommend any of the Pink Tomatina dress from little posh Princess.
Or anything in the shop really.

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Leslie said...

Oh my goodness...how sweet are you!!! Thank you so much!!! :)