THE boys toy of the year...

So I have 2 nephews. They are 3 and 5 and I love them dearly. They will be coming here to Arizona from Calgary for Christmas and tonight I was preparing their Christmas gifts. We what I was doing was taking them out of the boxes so I could wrap them and make it easy. I do that. I like to discard of all the plastic...make sure the toy works...put batteries in it etc...so come xmas morning...all they have to do is rip it open and whamo...ready to go. These are only parts of their gifts from us but holy man are these things cute. My 8 and 5 year old GIRLS were trying them out tonight and instantly turned into crazy wild children. Screaming and running and squealing with...noise. Ha. It was pretty funny. So if you have any little boys...I would say 18mos and higher...get them one of these. It is a toss up which one is cuter...but they work really well. They even have microphones on them so they can make it even LOUDER...just hilarious. We got them the nascar driver and the Police man. I believe they are called Helmet heros...and trust me when I say you will be the hero if you are the gift giver on this one.

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